Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now that I'm past my initial shock and excitement...

Ok so it's not that much work. But it's SOMETHING. FINALLY. And I REALLY like my new boss. She's so nice and not weird and/or creepy. And she's friendly and helpful. Which rocks all around. She does real estate for the Coast Guard, and basically she's just having me do busy work and organization, which is OBVIOUSLY fine with me. I also learned how to edit people's papers in Microsoft Word via the Track Changes tool. Which is SO TIGHT. I love learning new things about Microsoft Office (that's not even sarcasm). She basically gave me two different things to do. Firstly, she had edited a real-estate proposal by hand, so she had me type up her notes and insert them into the document via Track Changes. She said she needed it by Tuesday...and it took me a half an hour. It's fine (rat a tat tat). Because she gave me another project which will probably be more time consuming. She wants me to organize a spreadsheet about all 26 of her real estate agents that emphasizes renewal dates and important things she needs to keep track of. My thoughts are...organizing? Via spreadsheet? Emphasizing information on said spreadsheet using my out of this world excel skills? I AM SO THERE.

I would get started on that now but she wants to guide me through the info a little bit more before I do. And she's already gone for the day. I'm not even kidding, I feel like I'm one of the last people to leave this office every day. Everyone leaves at like, 3:30. But that's because they all get here at SIX THIRTY. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?! Why would you EVER want to work that early? What are we, farmers? It's called 9 to 5 for a reason. Or in my case, 7 to 5:30. But that's fine because I never work Fridays. Which has worked out extremely well for my summer plans.





Fail Blog

Saves my life in this place.

But it's okay because I only have six more hours until it's the WEEKEND YES!!!!! I'm gonna get all kinds of tan this weekend, provided it doesn't storm. We'll see how that pans out. Either way I'm destined to have a pokeballin time, because Nicole and I are going to have a sweet roadtrip and cause mischief. Plus we're gonna go to PLANET PIZZAAAAAA. I should get a t-shirt this year. Good effing times.

Also, I think today my excursion is going to be to the Basilica. I mean why not, you know? I need to go to Confession before this weekend, and they offer it in the afternoon. So I'm leaving here at 2:30, hopefully I'll be back around 4 or 4:30. Totally fine. Because it's not like I have work to do. And if my boss complains I'll tell him I had a religious obligation. Which is not even a lie. So suck it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Only 14 (but really only 11 1/2) more days

I just took a three hour lunch and galavanted around D.C. with Ash...and no one knew (or cared). Will obviously be doing this more in the future.

Also, I realized I really only have 11 1/2 more days of this. Technically I have 14 more days of work, but next Thursday I can leave early if I want because apparently there's a baseball game in the middle of the day and people are allowed to leave early and get paid so they can see it (which I won't see it, but I can pretend to). And then the following week I don't have to work Tuesday or Wednesday because we're going to Elizabeth City, NC (and getting paid for it) overnight (and we're going to the beach).

What is my life?

And this is why my eyes are closed, it's just as well for all I've seen

I wish this building had two things...firstly, a secret room I could go to and take naps where no one will catch me. And secondly, a soundproof practice room with a piano. So that I can sing when I want, or play when I want.

Like now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A lifetime achievement, or just a new low?

So today I successfully took a two hour nap underneath my desk. I had tried this on two separate occasions, but was not successful until today.

Yes, I am indeed very proud of myself.

My boss isn't even here today...

So why am I? I loathe this place. I get a call from Madre this am...she dropped Joe off at the gold course, and guess who she saw there? MY BOSS. She didn't know it was him at first obviously, she's never met him. But he and his work friend went up to her and asked her about the Coast Guard license plates we have on the car. And she said how Padre's in the Coast Guard, and when they asked if he worked at HQ, she said yes, and told them his name, and my boss goes "No WAY. Your daughter works for me!"

She said it took a lot of self-control not to say "Well, she WOULD, if you ever gave her any work."

And people wonder where I get it.

Today I've set my sights on job hunting for the fall. I applied to the Barnes and Noble in the burg yesterday, and I applied at Copper Beech in May. I'm not sure if either place is gonna happen, but it's worth a shot.

Another thing I'm considering and actually kind of want to at a Florist. I'm not really sure why. Actually I am sure why, I'll get to that. I just think it would be cool and could potentially be easy hours and kind of fun. Sort of like getting paid to do arts and crafts. And I want to learn about flowers...

...because the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I really could be a wedding planner. I actually think I could do it. And I may or may not have just bought a book on Amazon that basically spells out how to plan weddings and how to get into the business. I honestly don't understand why I feel so compelled to at least look into this. It is such a strange stretch and not related to what I consider my "love" at all. Music Theater...Youth Ministry...Wedding Planning? I mean seriously, what the eff?

All I know is I'm being pulled in this direction. Not pushed, pulled. And everytime I've decided to follow my instincts and do something I feel pulled to do, it's turned out amazing. Like applying for Summer Friendship was so the last thing I ever wanted to do. I felt no drive to go job hunting, and then that sort of fell in my lap and I applied just because it was convenient. And it ended up being the most amazing summer job ever.

But when I tried to force things, like when I tried volunteering at Blessed Sacrament this year when I really wanted to go into Youth Ministry, it went horribly. Or even this summer, when I went and helped at Work Camp, even though I didn't really feel like it and I did it because I thought it'd be a resume was only okay. And I walked away wondering if this was a place I really fit in. I'm not totally sure. And for some reason I'm feeling less and less called to do this. Because maybe I'm not supposed to.

But I wonder if WEDDING PLANNING is what I'm supposed to do. I mean come on, it sounds totally ridiculous. But I was agonizing so much recently about what I'm going to do in a year, and I spent basically my whole weekend in NYC talking to Sarah and thinking about it. And all of a sudden this idea, as a joke, falls in my lap. And I've completely latched onto it. I wonder if all the wedding fever wasn't a coincidence at all. Because someone planted the idea, and now I'm all of a sudden looking up reception venues, and browsing through the WEDDING section in bookstores, and considering jobs at FLORISTS just so I learn more about flowers and arrangements. What if this isn't wedding fever for MY wedding, and it's just wedding fever about weddings in general?

I already know I could plan a wedding. And do an amazing job. I have zero knowledge or resources and I STILL know I could make it happen. It's the business end I'm worried about. Is this a viable source of income? How do I even get started? I don't have any money, and if you want to be an independent consultant, you start from the bottom. And have to make a name for yourself somehow. It's all very intimidating.

Today is going by relatively quickly. Thank the lord. After today I only have three more days, then BEACH! YES! AND THEN DAN! YESSSSSSSSSSS!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's an addiction for a reason

This year I have developed a shopping addiction. I am completely aware of this. It's theraputic for me. Anytime I feel particularly stressed out, upset, or bad about myself, I buy stuff. I do not classify this in the dangerous stage (yet), simply because I don't just buy things and never use them. I legit buy things I want and end up using. It doesn't change the fact that in general these are not things I NEED. Maybe one day this addiction will go away. It's definitely gotten better than it was. But I kind of hope it doesn't because now I look put together all the time.

Here's an example of how far it's escalated: This morning, as routine (especially at work), I was browsing I decided to look at shoes today, and they had a pair of really cute black ankle boots, which I still don't have a pair of. AND they were only $28. And so I started imagining outfits I would wear said boots with. But I didn't buy them. Then this afternoon, I decided just to browse dresses on I'm usually not a huge fan, but I'm going there after work today, so I figured I'd preemptively see if there was anything good. Then I saw this black dress, just a short-sleeved jersey dress, simple, but practical, and I said to myself "Omg, this dress with tights and those black ankle boots would be sooooo good."


Sooooooooo pathetic. I wish I spent my day fantasizing about my career, saving the planet, world peace, or at least something lucrative. Instead I spend all day thinking about weddings, boys, and OUTFITS. How shallow am I?

Although, speaking of weddings, Sarah came up with an interesting career idea that I hadn't really considered. We spent all weekend talking about the future, and one of the things I'm becoming increasingly concerned about is how I have ZERO vision for even a year from now. There's nothing I really feel drawn to. I feel like there's some reason for this that I haven't been clued into yet, whether it be a life experience I need to have or what have you, but today she said something that sparked my interest...or at least the wedding fever's interest.

What if I became a wedding planner? JLo style? I would probably be awesome at it actually. It combines two of my great loves--weddings, and planning things.

It's an option.

My day so far

...has consisted of reading through SEVENTEEN PAGES of Perez Hilton.

I even emailed my boss (well, the one I started working for last week) this morning to be like "Let me know if you have anything for me!" She responded with "Will do Shannon, I was in a meeting so give me a few."

TWO HOURS AGO. So you know what? Whatever. I'm trying. Tonight I'm going out and buying 30 Rock Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and bringing them to work. Of course this means I'm going to get assigned work, but at least either way I'll have something to do.

In other news, today is such a strugfest in terms of how tired I am, but at least I feel better than I did yesterday. Aka no swine flu for me. I'm just totally exhausted. I need to go to bed super early tonight.

I also made a semi-completed mix at work today. My iTouch is infinitely better than my old iPod, I'm obsessed. I'll finish it when I get home. It's hard to sort through all of the music I have without a computer. And I don't want this mix to be lame/only the stuff I've been listening to recently.

Also I love Rufus Wainwright.

I think this year I'm going to make all my friends make me a mixed CD. So far Gigi is the only one to follow through. Because I love new mixes. So if you're reading this, make me a mixed CD right now.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend of glory

So many of these titles have glory in them somewhere. I feel like this bodes well for my life. As long as I continue to feel the need to use the word glory in reference to thing I've done, then I'm good to go.

Let's discuss how insanely epic by weekend was. I'm currently on the Bolt Bus home from NYC to DC. I came up on Friday to spend the weekend with Sarah. Aka, best decision ever.

After a morning of panic I got on the bus and ended up in NYC around 4. Met up with Sar, the girls she babysits, and Tommy Hendrickson. We chilled for a bit, then Tommy left, Sarah's boss came home, and we left to grab dinner.

Because you see we already had plans for that evening...Sarah had gotten us VIP tickets to see Nathan Gunn perform with the New York Philharmonic in Central Park. There were probably 50,000 people there. And we were 15 rows back, max? He performed five Copland pieces that were AMAZING--I've never heard such good diction. And I actually loved them, and I usually hate Copland. Then the NY Phil played Mahler's Symphony No. 1, which was stunning. The only part that sucked was that during the last fifteen minutes it started to rain, so they had to stop halfway through the fourth movement. Such a bummer. Plus, since it was raining, we didn't get to meet Nathan Gunn, which we probably would have otherwise, since Sarah had spent the past two days with him. Which included attending a red carpet movie premiere. I know, what is her life.

After the concert we were pretty tired (we're both still jet lagged, neither of us slept much this week) so we went back to Brooklyn, which I LOVE, and passed out. Best night of sleep everrrrr! Next day we woke up, grabbed some bagels (DELICIOUS), and rode into the city. We decided to try to get tickets for West Side, because I've wanted to see it for over a year now when I heard it was coming to Broadway (it got to Broadway in January). It's my favorite musical of all time. The way the lottery works is you get in line, and then at 11:30 they open the doors, and you write your name down on a little sheet of paper and you can request one or two tickets. They leave the doors open until noon, and then it's over, and they draw names. There were probably about 40 people trying to get tickets, and they were only gonna pull roughly nine sheets (basically everyone requested two tickets), because the front row only has 18 seats. So we submitted our names, chilled, and then came back at noon to see what would happen. Sarah was the SECOND name he called, and we were obviously beyond stoked. That also meant our seats were in the center, because the tickets are handed out from the aisles in. So yes, I saw West Side Story, my favorite musical of all time, from front row center. Un-fricken-belivable.

Before the show we just ran around Times Square wasting time. Lame/awesome tourist stuff, like the M&M store, Hershey store, and Toys-R-Us. Then it was time for el show...which was without a doubt the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I've been to Broadway shows a lot before...this doesn't even compare. I have no idea how it didn't win Best Revival. Literally life changing. I obviously sobbed. There's a reason it's my fav.

After the show we were both so wrecked that we didn't even try to get tickets to Hair, which was our original plan, because neither of us had any desire to see anything else post-West Side. We ended up meeting up with Rayanne, and the three of us went to mass at St. Patrick's, which was cool, and then Rayanne bought us dinner. I was totally exhausted and so was Sar, so we ended up just going back to Brooklyn, chilling for a while, and then we went to Howard and Kirsten's (Sar's cousin's house) just to chill for a bit. Watched this semi-boring British comedy. Went back to Sar's, fbed for a bit, then passed out.

Woke up this am feeling sick. Nooooooooo bueno. We went to brunch with Howard and Kirsten, and we gonna go to the Met (art museum, not opera house), but I was lame and really just needed to drink water and sleep more. So we chilled and watched 30 Rock which was glorious. I don't know why I don't own it on DVD. That needs to change immediately.

Then I hopped on the Subway back to Penn Station and here I am. A pretty bamf weekend, even though I feel like crap today. So glad I get to spend ten hours at work tomorrow.

But you know what? It's totally fine, because this week I have plans with Eek, I can chill all weekend, then in two weeks I'm going to VA Beach with SF (it's gonna be ballin), and right after than DAN IS COMING HOME AND STAYING WITH ME FOR LIKE, TWO WEEKS. I obviously am stoked. And then its like, three days and I'm back to school. Pretty awesome. It'll go by better.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am too fresh-2-def for this office

So sad and egotistical, but its true. Granted, lots of the people here wear uniforms. But I think I choose to dress even MORE bright and trendy because it's my own personal rebellion against this place. For instance, I have a pair of white wayfarers. They are 100% out of place here. But I obviously wear them anyway. A bright salmon shirt with a purple bag? Done and done. Belts and black patterned tights? Yup. Anything to make it clear that I do not belong in this establishment.

My outfit is FRESH today. Gotta love retail therapy (I have a problem).

What is this work thing you speak of?

HOLD THE PHONE--Shannon is getting work today. This is relatively good news, considering in the three weeks I've worked here I've had two small tasks to do and that's it. I guess this lady isn't my new boss but she's who I'm working for for at least a little while. Medical spreadsheets...who. But you know what? I'm totally fine with that. And I think she'll be a little more exciting than the amigos I've been working with, considering that in her tiny cube she has a Harley Davidson mousepad and a picture of Cruella Deville. Tight.

I wonder if I'm wrongfully assuming I'll have a lot to do. I met this other intern yesterday on our trip to Baltimore, and I saw him again today when I met said new boss lady. I guess he's been working for her since the end of June and he said he always has a crap ton of work. So maybs I'll finally have some semblance of purpose in this office? But that might be wishful thinking. She told me she MIGHT have something for me to do after lunch.

Until then, I blog and write Dan emails. And obsess over Lydia's wedding.

Which, I decided I'm throwing her a Bridal Shower before I go back to school. Obviously way excited about that. And actually I think I need to start hanging out with her and Devin a lot more, because I've only met him ONCE and she's my best friend and they're ENGAGED. That's not gonna fly. So he's about to get a nice large helping of Sh-non for the rest of this summer. Of only everyone could be so lucky.

All of this wedding business is crazy. She came over last night and we spent hours just talking about all the details. She's getting married October 9. Which in my mind seems far since it's only July, but then I thought about it...that's less than three months from now. INSANE. But anyway, just talking about all the details she's been working out makes it all seem SO real. I thought we were still little babies, how the eff are we old enough to be planning weddings?

Also this really doesn't help with wedding fever. I really hope her wedding cures me of it...but I have a feeling it won't. Maybe when Sar gets engaged and I am the maid of honor and therefore have more responsibilities that will cure me. I'm really excited though because this whole wedding/reception sounds TOTALLY Lyds. Which, it should, it's her wedding. But her colors are fall themed, so like, burnt orange (I know, typical Lydia), gold, and orangey red. And their wedding is at 11 am at the DC Temple, but then she's having a luncheon with just familia (and Kimbo and me apparently) and a reception at 6 that night. And the reception is gonna be in her backyard (which is sweet, btw, it has like a pond and stuff) with candles all over the place. I'm totally stoked. I will cry all day. It will be beautiful.

Dang it. Wedding fever. All I want to do is look at wedding reception venues. BUT I WILL NOT BECAUSE THAT IS CRAZY.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009





Ok I need to get some composure.

So I was writing a super in depth email about the whole trip, and I got to the part about the Chinese Pop Star who we got to see perform, and I realized that there would be a video of her on the Llangollen website since she made it to the finals. So I found it, and via my phone, I posted the link to it as my status (, start at 3:38, you won't be disappointed).

Not long after I did this, DJ commented on my status and mentioned that she had a Facebook. Which made me curious. So I Googled her name (Jia Ruhman). Turns out, her name was spelled incorrectly on the website. And she must actually be pretty famous, because it came up with a correct spelling...Jia Ruhan.


So I obviously went to her website,

...and it has videos of some of the things she's been in. Please, I'm BEGGING you, if you value hilarity in any capacity, WATCH THEM.



I just can't stop listening to this song:

I'm growing more and more obsessed with Marc Broussard. TJ is gonna be so stoked.

Ignore the beginning and the end. And also close your eyes, because I hate Gilmore Girls. But it's the only video I could find.

I now pronounce you addicted to weddings

Remember when I posted about how I wanted everyone to get engaged? Well, it turns out, that happening does nothing to improve my wedding fever.

Last night when I got home from work Lyds (for those of you not in the know, she's been my best friend since I was 15) called me. I actually almost didn't answer because I was absolutely exhausted and wanted to take a baby nap before dinner, but I hadn't talked to her since my bday so I answered. This is essentially how the conversation went:

Shan: Hiiiiii!!!!
Lyds: Hi Shan how are you?!
Shan: Gooooood, how are you?
Lyds: Pretty gooood!!

But I could hear it in her voice. She sounded excited and not just because she was talking to me.

Shan: Hold on. What's going on? Is something going on?
Lyds: What? Yeah everything's fine!
Shan: Are you okay? You sound like you have something to tell me.
Lyds: Haha yeah I'm fine! No, everything's good!

And then I was confused because I was sure I was right.

Shan: Oh, ok, well that's good haha
Lyds: Well, I actually do have some news.

(heart stops)

Lyds: I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!

I mean, I knew to expect it soon. We hung out in May and she straight up told me they had talked about getting married and it would be in October, he just hadn't proposed yet. But it's still so nuts. I remember when Lydia hadn't even held hands with someone. And now she's engaged. It's so weird.

I think the weirdest part is that it actually is socially acceptable. Lydia is mormon, and mormon girls tend to get married a lot younger than most non-mormons. Right after we graduated high school I used to talk about how I thought she had the potential to be engaged within a year and how weird that would be for me because we were so young. But we're 21. I actually am stunned she lasted this long.

I just can't believe it. It's going to be such a change. Suddenly we're all becoming adults. I mean think about it. Sarah's one semester away from cutting ties to home and moving to NYC forever. Lydia could potentially be pregnant in a year. Most of my friends are going to spend the next ten months figuring out what REAL job they're going to get. It's surreal.

I feel sadly behind. It's so unlike me to have zero idea of what's to come. I'd like to think it's because the stars are aligning and setting me up for something amazing, but I wonder if that's just wishful thinking. It's kind of scary. Actually a lot scary.

In the meantime, I'll continue to obsess over Lydia's happiness and spend my day looking at bridesmaid dresses and pictures of the DC temple. Want to hear something depressing? Lyds is about to marry the man of her dreams, and I don't even have a date to her wedding. I'M GOING TO DIE ALONE!!!!!!!!!

Psh please. Any man would be lucky to have me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My life

I always forget how insanely hilarious dinner with the familia is. I knew tonight would be no exception to this when at the start of the meal my dad got hit full in the face with a sprinkler. And while my brothers are hilarious, its only more ridiculous when Jacob's best friend Kyle is over. Kyle is literally Jacob part 2, but he says dumber things. Kyle and Jacob's gf Kate were over tonight, and needless to say, I was only reminded of why I am so happy to be back in the US of A. (Well that and Madre made homemade spaghetti, which if you've ever had hers, you understand.) I think one night I'm going to video tape dinner and just put it on youtube. Because I always talk about Kingett dinners but I don't think I ever fully capture it for people. They fill me with such joy.

Anyways, the only reason I'm writing in this is because Kyle wanted me to summarize my life, and apparently this is how it should go:

I was born a loser, then I became an even bigger loser, but then I met Kyle Swanson and became awesome.

This story could be the reason I tell Kyle he's a failure and will never amount to anything every time I see him.

Dang I love being home.


This has been what feels like the longest day ever. Even longer than my first day when I didn't even have computer access. This is what I've done today:

Ate my breakfast
Read the ONE work email I received while gone for two weeks
Read other people's blogs
Visited various humor websites
Started an in depth email to Ev Ash and Dan with details from el trip, got through only two days and then had to stop
Went to the bathroom to take a nap
Had a text convo w/ Joe about NYC
Watched what feels like HOURS of youtube videos
Ate lunch
Emailed Meghan
Stared at the pictures on my desk (I kid you not)
Took a walk
Talked to Laura on the phone about rent
Watched some Chorale vids
Took ANOTHER nap in the bathroom
Called about my car (which is fixed YES)
Talked to Jacob on the phone about HP (which I still have no plans for?! I need to fix that)
Drafted two different blogs, did not finish either of them.
Blatantly went outside to talk on the phone to Nicole to tell her about England
Blatantly STAYED outside after I got off the phone to work on my tan
Had a text convo w/ Katie about wedding fever

And here I am. If you didn't pass out reading this blog then I commend you, because I almost had to go back to the bathroom to take another nap after I finished re-reading it. I'm just praying that the carpool needs to leave by 5 instead of 5:30 today so I can GO HOME AND EAT SPAGHETTI (homemade, according to Madre's text. Why is she so good to me?) AND THEN PASS OUT.

Dang you Jack Hearn. This is what I have been playing on repeat for the last hour (just the song, the video is stupid):

It's been a while, so I thought I'd continue with the 300 list:

21. Doesn't find my brothers funny
22. Won't dance with me, even if it's just like a crazy person
23. You hate my cooking
24. I hate your cooking
25. You hate the beach

JUST READ THIS: In the United States, National Tequila Day is July 24

I think we need to fully celebrate this holiday.

I'm BACK playas

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that while I obviously wasn't looking forward to coming into work today, I wasn't dreading it as much as usual, because I figured I'd have a lot to take up my time via the internet, seeing as I've been without it for two weeks.

Turns out, didn't take too long to catch up, seeing as I've only been at work for 40 minutes and I'm already done. What the effffffff.

So over la voyage de l'angleterre, Josh told me about proxy websites that grant you access to fbook at work. Turns out, the federal gov't is one step ahead. Because I googled "Facebook proxy" and EVERY WEBSITE I CLICKED ON is blocked too. Dang you US Coast Guard, dang you!

So blogging it is. I considered doing an insanely long blog about everything I did in the country of tea and Foster's, but I quickly rejected this idea because a)I got bored just thinking about writing that all down, b)the people who read this and were there don't need a recount, and c)the people who weren't there don't WANT a huge recount.

So instead I'm going to do a pros/cons list. There's no real order to this other than what came to mind first.

Reasons I'm sad to be home/things I'll miss about England:
Not having to wake up at 5 every day
Me and my shadow
The Wessex Male Choir
Coventry Cathedral
Team Awesome
Susie and Andy
Being around some of my favorite people legitimately 24/7
Strongbow and Blackthorn
The University of Houston (Hoo-ston)
An excuse to speak primarily in a british accent
Bus rides with Josh Eflin
DJ Godinez
The drive home from the festival every day
Traffic due to cow crossings
Bus Wooo
The abundance of red heads
Socializing every night until at least 2
...are you even awake?!
Shosalosa (that's blatantly not how it's spelled)
The Lady Chapel
King's Cross and Platform 9 3/4
Seeing Sarah every day
In real life and isn't it just?
Toasts to American Independence...led by an Englishman
Bringing the Happy Birthday Chorus abroad
Welsh Cakes
Taco Bell Canon
The first place celebration
Being on British TV
How good the water made my hair look
The garden in Ely
Having nothing to do in Wales...which resulted in some of the best bonding ever
Holding hands with Katie
RJ and the arms crossed multiplication rule
"Mom...I can't talk right now...I'm in Shakespeare's house!"
"What's the difference between regular AIDS and feline AIDS?"
"Just rip it out and eat the meat"
"I'm so PINGY right now!"
"I can see Outback!"
"Go for it Andy!"
"Wow, look at how tan that man is!" "Lauren...that man is INDIAN."
Texas pins and hand signs

Reasons I'm happy to be home/things I will NOT miss about England:
The slightly varied computer keyboard. Talk about annoying.
Weird scrambled eggs
Chips that are MEAT FLAVORED
Madre's food
The ability to be grounded as a 21 year old
The Fahrenheit system
VA Weather
Being able to charge electronics
Having a voice
My bed
My brothers
All of the Women's Chorus Rep
Being able to walk on the grass
8 hour flights sitting near NO ONE
Team Shaniel emails
Being able to drive
Gym access/tennis shoes
Holy Family
Constant reminders
Prison like living quarters
No more being bombarded with emails

It's still sort of surreal that I just was in England for 12 (well, 11) days. It's so weird, it's almost like the past two weeks didn't even happen and that I'm just back at work on Monday morning. What an amazing trip though, I mean for realz. I didn't expect it to be like that. I actually didn't have any expectations at all. I wasn't looking forward to it though, just because as cool as it was gonna be to leave the country, I didn't think there was anything THAT compelling about going. Turns out I was super wrong. It was basically glorious.

So I just watched the vids of Chorale (which can be found here) and I've gotta be real, I don't understand how we placed first in Youth Choir and fourth in Mixed. Turns out, we sounded a LOT better in Mixed. And I watched the video of Riverside, who won that competition, and I'm not saying they didn't deserve to win because they did sound really good, but I honestly think we were comparable. It truly is subjective I guess. Because they placed first and we placed fourth. It's probably good we didn't place first though, because Leonardo actually didn't sound that good. And because by Saturday night the last thing I wanted to do was compete AGAIN.

Well I spose I'll just post this now and occupy my time via youtube for a bit. Because I actually ASKED my boss for work to do...and I have nothing. So I guess I can't feel bad or like I'm slacking off.

Most likely what's going to happen is I'm just going to start another blog post. It's fine (is it? yes, it is....I miss Giiiiiig).