Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello mes amis! I'm writing from Utah, aka, the Beehive State (I know, what the EFF?! I had to look it up on Wikipedia)! Quick update on life:

-My sweet concert that probably would have been attended by 1000 people, I kid you snowed out. For Saturday AND Sunday. I will now detest snow for the rest of my life and will take a blow torch to the roads should it prevent me from doing anything I want again.
-Christmas at the Kingetts was a good time as always. It involved a Turducken.
-I am now obsessed with Julia Child's cookbook. I blame this 100% on Ashley Bacon. I went to visit her before Christmas and we watched Julie/Julia, that movie about the woman who blogs about Julia Child. And it involves SO much cooking...aka I am obsessed. Because I am obsessed with cooking. So when I got home I realized that madre OWNS the cookbook they talk about in the now my new thing I cannot wait to do is cook from it. Beef Bourguignon in particular. Potentially going to cook that out here. Actuall I'll (hopefully) be doing lots of cooking out here. Mrs. Snyder told Dan she'll buy whatever ingredients I want so long as she doesn't have to cook. I KNOW. So on the menu for Utah are: Shrimp Alfredo (her request for her bday which is Jan 2), Baked Chicken and Vodka Sauce (Dan's request), Homemade Sauce and Meatballs, and then, if we have time, next on the list is Beef Bourg. and Trailer Trash Chicken (sounds gross, tastes AMAZING).
-I now want to start cooking more advanced things. This is a problem due to my poorness. Let's PRAY I get that job (I'll find out hopefully Friday).
-I watched the entire Lord of the Rings Saga, EXTENDED versions. My coolness just dropped like twenty points, but whatever.
-Other significant stuff probably happened too. But I'm starting to get distracted.

My goals for my trip to Mormon Mecca are seriously start hammering down some internships for May and beyond (which so far so good, I've emailed a whole bunch of people and I have one company I REALLY want to intern for), write my program notes (so far NOT so good, should probably get on that), see Kim and Lydia, learning my Oklahoma lines (YIKES NEED TO DO THAT), and securing a job for next semester (I'm SO close. Please let this work out).

That being said, I'm going to go shower, eat, and start working on Ok! lines. And maybe wake up Dan soon?

Thursday, December 17, 2009


So I was just re-reading my posts from this summer...SUCH A SAD DAY. They're so boring! Indicative of my job I suppose. At least writing them got me through the day. Looking back I have no idea how I even survived. No...seriously.

Christmas Break is the best idea ever. Especially when JMU gives us four weeks off instead of three like they used to. As a random side note, everyone reading this (aka no one) say a prayer that I get hired by the people who I interviewed with last week, because I'm really really poor.

Anyway, Christmas Break. I've literally done nothing but sleep, eat chips, and work out. Tight. Unfortunately that all comes to end basically starting now until Mondayish, because the concert that I have been planning for over 6 months is finally coming into fruition. Noice. I think it will be good. I'm praying it will be good. No matter what, party time immediately following.

Speaking of party time, I'm going out for the first time all break tomorrow and I really need to start incorporating my newest catchphrase obsession into my vernacular--"Sorry for partying!" (thanks Joe). Dan's been saying it all the time and I really need to. I hope that tomorrow night that I remember to say it. It's the greatest excuse ever. "Oh I ran over your dog? Sorry for partying!"

Ok finally tired. Yes tina. Sleep now. Cleaning out Sarah's old house tomorrow (should be quite the emotional journey..........wooooooooooooooooooooo) and then reuniting with my love of loves (Nicole/Nala/Waldorf). And then hanging out with a lot of gay boys...aka standard.