Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Excel for Dummies

Highlights of the day:
"Vouz j'aider" (I had to pay close attention to catch this one)
Mexican Accent (multiple times)
Sang the alphabet while selecting columns
"Do me a fav" (he'd fit in so well at JMU)
He pronounces "formula" like "formala"
"Position your cell in B18...BINGO! Hyuck hyuck hyuck!" (no, he actually made that sound)
"I looooooove to back up to my formula bar to check my work, keeps me honest."

ALSO: The kid who sits behind me talks like Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock.

Apparently he needs a quote list too:
Teacher was talking about how this room after lunch is condusive to naps, because it's warm and you're full, and Tracy goes "I have the itis". YES TINA.
Teacher: (talking about an imaginary situation for our spreadsheet) 'But it turns out, Nancy's sales reports were not 1896, they were 2019! So let's go in and change that, and see what happens to our formula."
Tracy: can go to JAIL fo' that!

Speaking of Tracy Jordan, I watched the FUNNIEST episode of 30 Rock today at lunch. I've watched all of Season 1, but I think I was halfway passed out the first time I watched this episode because I only remember the beginning and the end. It's the episode when Jack is obsessed with Liz's new bf Floyd. But that's not what makes this episode HILARIOUS. Meanwhile, Tracy has learned that he's related to Thomas Jefferson, so he feels compelled to make a Thomas Jefferson movie. So he goes to Don Geiss asking for money, but Don Geiss says no because he can't visualize the preview for the movie. So Tracy, Grizz, Dot Com, and Kenneth make a preview...AND IT'S HILARIOUS. Tracy plays Thomas Jefferson, King George (both in white face), and the woman TJ gets with, Dot Com and Grizz are slaves (with a bluetooth), and Kenneth is a patriot soldier. I thought I was going to pee myself trying not to actually laugh out loud. That show is so insanely funny.

Excel Class

So the other intern in my department and I got so bored last week that we signed up for a Basic Excel class today (which I don't even need because I'm actually really good at excel but I'm that bored). I expected it to only be slightly stimulating (I was right). BUT what I did not account for was our instructor, who may or may not be a cartoon character. He's a 40 year old gay man who is excessively sweating, really nice, and full of catchphrases I've never heard a really person use before.

It kind of reminds me of that Gmail tutorial I made for Dan. Because so far today, he's said the following expressions to the class:
"Just click enter, and bada bing, bada boom, you're done!"
"This icon is just a quick and dirty way of printing."
"KAZOOEE! You made the box yellow!"

I will OBVIOUSLY be updating more as the day goes on, because I'm in this class until THREE. I may be bored, but I will be acquiring a wealth of catchphrases to put into practice once school begins.

KAZOOEE! Time to get back to work!