Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You know summer is ending when I start neglecting my blog


I got a droid.

And a job.

But only a part time one.

So far.

I realize this is not enough information for all my loyal readers (Greg Stowers), so I shall elaborate. I've been in VA (well, and SC for a week) for three weeks now. So glad I paid rent for the month of August. I've been interviewing like a crazy person, but luckily for me it finally worked out and I have a part time job working here. They want me to teach, among other things, a class in which I teach a song and dance from Glee. For money. Love my life.

I start in about two weeks? I have two classes with official time slots so far, basic piano, and some class where I teach 3-6 year olds how to be in a band. Aka we're just going to rock out to Journey for a half hour every week. What is this company? And why are they paying me so much to work for them? I'm excited but nervous to start, mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully that's ok with them...

I'm trying to get another job as well, preferably a day job.

But the biggest news in my life in my newest BF, my new phone. Droid. I never thought it would happen. I thought what my little Versa and I had was special. But on Monday of last week, while driving to JMU, this douche decided to not actually turn on. The Verizon logo would show up, then go black, and continue that pattern. I feared for the worst...and the next morning, Verizon store man confirmed that. Not only was my poor little phone officially dead, but all of my pictures, contacts, and texts were gone. Dangitttt.

And then I did something I was positive I would never do...I bought a Droid. Turns out, it was the same price to buy a droid as it was to buy the same kind of phone I used to have, and the data package was also the same as what we paid for the old phone...soo....pretty easy decision...if Verizon ever comes out with an iPhone we'll see how I feel then. So far my droid and I are enjoying our time together.

Anyway it's time to eat cheese and watch Up in the Air.

Friday, August 20, 2010

FB Graffiti

After some mild stalking I discovered this today...it made my entire day. From Mrs. Smith to Sarah, who knows how long ago:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hmmmm :)

Only the first song: Click me for musical glory!


So two weeks ago my goal was to have some job stuff on lock by the time the week was over. It totally, totally worked.

This week, my goal is to have all loose ends tied up.

I hope this totally, totally works.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

22 going on 75


Here's why I feel like I am on the verge of being called elderly:

-Today I looked in the mirror and found TWO (COUNT THEM) gray hairs growing roughly in the same place on my head. This is absolutely unacceptable. There has been one in said location for a while now but two is enough to make someone flip. That someone being me. I'm blaming it on the stress of the summer.
-For the past week my back has been killing me. I have no idea why. I thought maybe it was due to traveling on a bus and then sitting in cramped seats in theaters but it WILL NOT go away. So I scheduled a massage (...and a mani/pedi...) at a day spa for tomorrow. I'm thinking of this as a medical investment.
-I am tired ALL THE TIME. I went to bed BEFORE MIDNIGHT last night, and wouldn't get out of bed before 10:45 this am, and I still feel tired. UGH. Granted I had gotten four hours of sleep on estimate the past four nights beforehand, soooo maybe that doesn't have to do with being old?
-I am in Hilton Head, SC. And this island is literally populated only with retirees. Rich ones.

In other news vacation was absolutely necessary. I am basically in a state of bliss. Yesterday we woke up at the late hour of 4:50 am, left at 5:15, and for some insane reason I had agreed the day before to drive. Which I ended up doing the entire way. Nine hours? Yeah that's a long time. But all of this was overshadowed by the GLORIOUSNESS of last night.

After church, since we had no groceries and no one felt like cooking, we decided to go out. Since I am Food Network obsessed, I had vaguely remembered reading the Food Network mag I stole from work about Robert Irvine, host of Dinner: Impossible (and all around bamf), and how he had a restaurant on Hilton Head Island. At the time I committed this to memory since that's where the fam goes on vaca and I thought maybe in my most glorious dreams I would be able to convince them to go eat there.

Turns out, last night was a most glorious dream. Maybe it was because of the ecstasy of being here, but they were like "Psh, Food Network star chef? Done and done!" So after making a reservation (which was amazingly available for our MASSIVE dinner party), the Kingetts/Henleys/our Spanish live-in Emilio ventured to Eat! Restaurant.

It was hands down the best meal I've ever had. And you know it's good all around when EVERYONE there agrees. Bacon wrapped dates, caesar salad, and pan roasted sausage stuffed chicken roulade with roasted vegetable couscous. I need this recipe because it seriously was unbelievable. Oh and we got this amazing chocolate dessert that probably was as many calories as I consumed total in the previous week. My cousin Jordan got this crazy dessert that was Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Cinnamon-Tabasco ice cream. That sounds HORRIBLE, and it was AMAZING. We were all freaking out.

Luckily for me, the awesomeness of the evening does not stop there. Because Robert Irvine was THERE. AT THE RESTAURANT!!!! We were sitting in the lobby waiting to be seated, and no one was paying attention when my dad goes "Uhhh...isn't that the guy?" The only reason Padre even recognized him is because he had just happened to be looking at one of the pictures on the wall with Robert Irvine in it. Turns out padre was correct. Robert was there just eating with friends I guess. But he talked to us a bunch of times. Aka my life is now complete.

The icing on the cake was the drunkenness of my mom and Lisa (we're on vacation with my dad's cousin Lisa, her husband Joe, and their kids Jordan and Mariah). They both downed two Martinis each before dinner even came (greygoose for Madre, chocolate for Lisa...typical), which meant that they were DEFINITELY both tipsy, borderline drunk. When Christian asked my mom if she was happy Dad drove instead...she gave him a thumbs up. Enough said. Jacob and I were dying.

Today has included sleeping innnn, food shopping, and boggle battles. That's because it's poured all day. You know I'm happy when I'm not even upset because going to the beach is out of the question. Tomorrow is massage day. Good riddance back pain. Now I think it's time to do something productive. Aka watch a movie. I should probably go back to job applications, but I can save that for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh won't you please take me homeeee

I 'm three hours away from being on my way home for an entire week of beach glory.

Unfortunately I still have three hours until I'm on my way home for an entire week of beach glory.

I am EXHAUSTED and feel like complete crap. This is potentially because I just don't feel like traveling/sitting in small spaces anymore because that's what I've done for the past three days. It also could be because my stupid body couldn't fall asleep until well after 4 am even though I was tired ALL DAY LONG. And it may have something to do with the fact that until an hour ago all I had eaten in twenty four hours was a bag of pretzels, some wheat thins, some cheese, and a package of raisinettes. I need a massage.

I mean most of this is self-inflicted. It's my own fault that I never eat regularly and I was the one who decided to go to shows the past two nights instead of relaxing.

Speaking of which, I obviously need to blog about each show respectively. On Monday I saw, at the advice of Rach, Rock of Ages. I met Carrie there after work so we could try and get lottery tickets (we did). Also literally almost ran into Constantine (American Idol Season 4 runner up and star of Rock of Ages, for those of you not in the know), as he was just chillin on the sidewalk next to the stage door and I wasn't paying attention. She was correct--this show was NUTS. It was like being at a rock concert, strip club, dive bar, and musical all at the same time. Waitresses walk around DURING the show taking drink orders and bringing you beer. You can buy glow sticks to wave like lighters. There was a couple there who had just gotten MARRIED and brought their entire bridal party...this was their reception. It was all very surreal. And obviously, as per usual with rock musicals, the audience was NUTS but so much fun. And anything that ends with Journey is a-ok in my book.

Last night was a COMPLETE departure from Constantine and the gang, as Lincoln Center's South Pacific was what was on the agenda. It's closing on August 22 and so (except for Lt. Cable, who was originally played by Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schuster on Glee) all of the original revival cast leads came back at various points this summer to reprise their roles. Last night was Kelli O'Hara's first night back. I purposefully waited until now to see this show because I have wanted to see her for years. Welllll she did not disappoint. The show was BEAUTIFUL. Rock of Ages was entertainment, this was art. South Pacific has never been my favorite show, but it was nice to see/hear a full orchestra again, plus Kelli and Paolo Szot were both SO good. Ugh his voice is SO LEGIT. It made me want to go to the Met and see something (luckily it's right next door!), which is a true testament to how good he was, because in general I never choose to go listen to classical music. I got chills at the end of Act I. CHILLS I TELL YOU! Needless to say I left feeling artistically satisfied. There's something about old school musicals that just can't be captured any other way.

Anyway, sorry if most of this post was vomit worthy, I will do my best to not gush about chocolatey baritones ever again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I should be asleep GAH

So I'll admit it, I believe in signs and intuition.

I have always trusted my gut. My friends tell me I'm an oracle sometimes (emphasis on the sometimes) because I get these "feelings" about things that could happen. These feelings have always been right--except for when I confuse feelings with wishful thinking. And it's REALLY hard to tell the difference, because I'm extremely good at convincing myself that things I want are things I "sense."

I'm not going to get into what my gut is telling me right now (well, it might be telling me that yoga and running are necessary....hahahaha I'm hilarious). It's probably false, it's probably wishful thinking, and I'm not going to let myself dwell on it.

But on a related note, I also believe in signs. And tonight I got a nice giant sign.

For all of my devoted readers (aka no one), you know that I'm debating between staying up here in New York or moving back to VA. I spent the weekend at home which might have been a huge mistake, because I had no idea how much I missed it.

Tonight I was looking for a stamp in my wallet and a fortune from a fortune cookie fell out. I had forgotten I kept it; it was from my first week in New York. When all the Westport kids (and Noel, but she's an honorary westy) came to visit for my/Dan's bdays, we went and got Chinese their first night in town because they were starving and it was close by. I opened my fortune that night and laughed at the irony. It said "Your home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness."

SERIOUSLY? Because I had just gotten kicked out of my apartment. But for some unexplained reason I kept it, probably because I like ironic fortunes (my favorite to date is one I got that said "You and your wife will be happy in your life together.").

And tonight the fortune fell out onto my bed. There it was. Your home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness. An answer. A coincidence? Potentially. Likely even. But I'm not interpreting it as coincidence. And maybe you can argue it's only because I don't WANT to interpret it as coincidence....but isn't that a sign in and of itself?

My only other question is...if THAT fortune is a sign...does that mean that one day I'm going to have a wife?

Because this post has already proved that I'm pretty gay. I promise I will be cynical again ASAP.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Here's an equation for you:

Madre and Padre
Josh, Jacob, Joe, and Chris
Jacob's girlfriend
Padre's cousin's four person family from South Jersey...a different culture in itself
Fr. Planty's friend's 17 year old son from Spain who we all met yesterday and who is living with my family for a month...did I mention English is his second language and I'm pretty sure he thinks we're all insane?
a resort in Hilton Head, SC, complete with pool delivered drinks
A condo probably suited for 10 people max
sun and surf
Wii Sports
an abundance of purple doritos
Next week.

I literally cannot wait. I'm on my way back to NYC right now for three days (curse you internship/not packing correct clothing for the beach), then I'll be home again Wednesday night for two more interviews, and then we leave at 5 am on Saturday. I expect madness. I hope that Beach Week 2k10 does not disappoint.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the heck New York

So on Monday I decided that this is THE week. Find a job week. I decided to stop applying solely for NYC jobs and also apply for jobs in DC. I applied for a few on Tuesday, and about eight yesterday...




Here I was, thinking there was something wrong with me, or my resume, and that I was never going to get any responses. Granted, I could go on all of these interviews and not get hired. But it doesn't change the fact that I haven't gotten so much as a "We're Sorry" email from ANYWHERE I applied in NYC, and I have FOUR INTERVIEWS in DC.

And not all of them are previous connections I had (two of them are)...some of these interviews are based completely on my resume!

Needless to say I'm stoked/extremely torn. I didn't think I would be working in DC anytime soon. I was gonna MAKE IT in NYC. But the weirdest part is I'm not even going into these interviews/potential jobs with a heavy heart...I'm really excited. Sure, having to live in Woodbridge while I re-save money to get an apt will probably suck. And yeah, even if I move up to Arlington or Alexandria, it's not New York (oh many subway lines and Jamba Juice, how I would miss you). But these are all jobs I could do and I think I would like.

We'll just have to see if I even get hired. And I'm not giving up on NYC. But I made a pact with myself last week; wherever I end up getting hired is where I'm really supposed to live.

So God, what's it gonna be? DC? NYC? Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here's the thing...

I've pretty much stopped doing all work at this internship. I basically just answer the phone.

But anyway, the point of this post is to give some friendly advice...do not go into business with your brother. If anything, working here has taught me that much. This company was founded by two brothers. One is the president, one is the business manager.

All they do is yell at each other. I mean it's not like I'm one to talk, my brothers and I are not the ultimate example for expressing kindness to siblings. But seriously. Fights in the office? Awkward. Yelling at each other over the phone? Lots of profanity? Awkward. It is also fun to be the receptionist while one of the brothers is out of town and the other one's office is right next to your desk. Aka, I transfer/get to listen to all phone calls. Love that (I actually kind of do).

And you know, their business is doing well, so who am I to talk. They're both nice to me. So I can't complain.

But I can feel awkward.

SO HARD (that's what she said)

I don't like it when people ask me what my favorite songs are. But if I had to go for top 5, these might be it (in no particular order):

Sara Bareilles, Gravity

Marc Broussard, Hope for Me Yet

Billy Joel, And So It Goes

Huey Lewis and the News, Do You Believe in Love

Ben Folds, The Luckiest

I feel like your favorite songs say a lot about you. Things you value, things that matter to you. The words of every one of these songs (well, maybe except for Huey Lewis...but he's just tight) are effing awesome. It was REALLY hard to decide my fav Ben song. But The Luckiest is classic and the words edge out Still Fighting It JUST slightly. But honestly Ben would take up most of my top 10 if I took it that far. So I figured I needed to narrow it down. If these were the only songs I could listen to for the rest of my life, I'd be okay with that.

And coming from me, that's saying a LOT.

Yes, I didn't include any Whitney or Mariah. But it's only because they already have their own category of epic in my book.

P.S. I really like that the Ben Folds video is something someone made with The Sims. Destiny.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sarah Davis...this is for you

Here are two excerpts from a gchat with my dear friend Sarah that inspired the following poem.

Sarah: i am waste
me: hahahahahaha
Sarah: also didnt you LOVE Eat Pray Lvoe
me: um
SO much
i'm blogging about it right now
Sent at 2:23 AM on Tuesday
Sarah: blog about MEEEEE

So Sarah, this one's for you.

Sarah, you are very drunk.
Three rum and cokes make for funny fb pictures.
I miss you very much.
I want to watch Grey's
and eat Chinese
and play Bubbleshooter
and bake cookies
and laugh a lot.
With you.
You still have my shorts, OBX shirt, and Grey's season 4.
But that is ok because the love in my heart
is stronger than my need for material items.
Sleep well my intoxicated friend.

But give me my stuff back.

Eat, Pray, Love

Has rocked my world. I didn't think I would like it that much. I knew I should read it but I wasn't too into doing it, mostly because I'm not usually the kind of person who is into books about people on spiritual journeys. Yoga and meditating? Too new age for me, thanks. But too many people had told me how good the book was, and I want to see the movie when it comes out next week, so I figured I should read it before doing so.



I guess it's a fad for a reason. If you haven't read it, DO IT. I felt like everything I had been working to achieve this past semester was truly brought to light and I'm making a serious effort to maintain happiness and not let life's troubles get you down.

Which I obviously did not do very well with pretty much the entire month of July. Growing up is really hard! I was not prepared for it. I think I might be through the worst of it though. Plus I'm trying really hard now to not dwell on plans not working out and not getting upset because I can't control everything. Life can still be great even when you don't get what you want.

Yeah, I have no job or income. Yeah, I apply for about five jobs a day and haven't gotten a single email back, let alone an interview. Yeah, I have to pay $750 a month for rent alone and pretty much have no more savings. It's ok. And I say that with sincerity. It will work out. And not because it has to. Because it doesn't have to. But I have faith that it will work out and I will be ok. Right now I'm just working on being okay with however it decides to work out, even if it's a complete departure from the plans and expectations I had for my life. Because even if I plan to the last detail, even if I do everything I possibly can to INSURE that something will go the way I expect it to...life changes how it wants to. So I HAVE to learn how to deal with that. And though this isn't true of all people, for me, that's how I define growing up. Growing up for me is letting go, going with it, and figuring how to fix things on your own.

Granted, I don't know if I've really fixed things on my own own yet. My parents have helped me...a LOT. I'm extraordinarily lucky. But I finally felt empowered this weekend. It's small, and it's stupid, but I did it myself and without help. On Saturday night, Carrie and I were sitting in the living room talking when a MOUSE ran out from under the couch to behind the radiator.

I'm going to take a minor break from this story to go on a mini-rant about rodents. I hate them. I despise them. They terrify me. All rodents, except maybe rabbits. They are small and hide well, they destroy your stuff, they creep around in the night, they carry disgusting diseases, and they MULTIPLY. Normal things take time to reproduce, giving you ample opportunity to get rid of the problem before it turns into a bigger problem. With rodents, it take approximately 4.7 seconds for one mouse to turn into forty. DOES THIS DISTURB NO ONE ELSE?!

Knowing this about myself, I was surprised to find that I stayed very calm during my first encounter with a mouse in my apartment. Luckily this has never been a problem I've had to deal with. The worst pest problem I've had was a random bug here or there. Well not in New York. I guess it was only a matter of time. I didn't even scream, I just put my feet on the couch and silently went through the thousands of options now before me. Carrie was NOT about it and ran to her room, but I didn't move. I was not going to let this make me upset because something else was going wrong. The first thought I had was "I don't know any boys in this city. I can't make them get rid of it. I'm going to have to be the one to man up." This was something I could FIX. I even thought about searching for the mouse and trapping it under a bowl but I'm not brave enough for that yet.

So on Sunday we went all the way to Lowes in Brooklyn and bought traps. And I set them out. And even though our friend has not been captured, I am not afraid. I still go in the kitchen and bathroom and act like I don't have a third roommate. Yeah it's stupid and lame but it makes me feel better to know that I'M the one handling this problem. I'm not paying someone else to do it, or making a friend help me.

Anyway, the point of me telling this story of my bravery towards a helpless creature that's about three inches long (I know, I'm such a bamf), is that I've noticed IMMEDIATELY the difference this book has had on me (ugh I'm considering deleting this whole entry because I sound so mushy, which is a slight departure from my cynical banter entries but I've come this far so why not). I think before this weekend I would have just added this stupid problem to my "long list of why my life sucks so much" and been so mad at the world for just making everything even harder.

But I had decided just a few hours before that August was a new month and it was going to be great. So mouse problem was not a bad thing, it was a good thing. It was a learning experience! I'm going to have to learn how to deal with mice at some point (they are almost as inevitable as taxes, especially in NYC), so why not now. Thus, August...still tight.

And today I took it one step further. I'm not going into detail about job search and potential plans for the imminent future, but it weighed on my mind all day at work (where I actually did nothing the entire day except occasionally answer the phone) by the end of the day I was feeling really anxious and on edge. Leaving my office I weighed my options. I could follow my typical Monday schedule, walk three blocks, get on the train, be home by 6:45, cook dinner, apply for jobs, watch tv, and do nothing.

Or, I could take advantage of the fact that I have no obligations or anything to do, plus no work tomorrow, so I decided to do this instead. I normally take the train from Penn Station (the A, then I switch to the L at 14th st), but instead I walked the 20 and 4 avenue blocks to Union Square and took the train back to Brooklyn from there. I took advice Sarah Smith gave me; last summer whenever she got frustrated she'd walk around and enjoy the fact that she lived in New York. So I did just that. It was a BEAUTIFUL night, probably the nicest of the whole summer. I window shopped and spent about a half hour in the Herald Square Macy's, got some Jamba (duh), accidentally walked to the Empire State building, found a Shake Shack, and calmed the eff down. I left work at 6, I got home at 8:15. Totally worth it. I ignored every natural urge I had (aka text my closest friends and annoy them by obsessing over what to do and making them validate me) and dealt with MY problems by myself. Because I am very able to do so. I came home and was just so HAPPY.

So all in all it's been a great past couple of days, and I have not been able to say that confidently pretty much since I moved here. Nothing life-wise has really changed; I'm in exactly the same predicament as I was a week ago. But my outlook has changed, and that is truly making all the difference. I blame Elizabeth Gilbert.

The moral of the story is go read Eat, Pray, Love. And that sometimes I write lame posts. The next one will be pointless I promise.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reasons why I miss Laura Alderson

Reason 1-1000000000:

A snippet from a gchat conversation...

Laura: you'd think if i had to endure this, i'd at least deserve the pleasure of having sex first