Friday, February 26, 2010

Goals for the rest of this semester

-Hike Old Rag
-Eat at every downtown restaurant that I haven't been to, as well as Taste of Thai, Ham's, and Smokin' Pig before I graduate. Also try Kline's Mint Chocolate Chip.
-Go to Reddish Knob for both sunset AND sunrise.
-Ride the drunk bus again
-Have a Harrisonburg/JMU photo shoot at all the landmarks...preferably late at night...over the weekend...if you catch my drift.
-Visit Midgetville
-Visit Mennonite land
-Have the most memorable Spring Break ever. Full of rail drinks, sun, and going out. And ridiculous.
-Find my recital dress(es)
-Iron out summer plans. Aka when I'm moving to NYC and where I'm moving to.
-Turn in my graduation application
-Spend as little money as possible
-Have a heart to heart with someone new
-Upload as many CDs as possible from the Mus Lib onto my computer
-Have a grand exit from the Mus lib
-Leave in good spirits, but not tied to this place and ready for what's next (because I have a feeling that what's next is better)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mission Statement

Prepare yourself--this isn't my typical cynical banter, so if you're not looking for an inspirational post today, head on back to Facebook.

I'm taking a leadership class this semester and one of the assignments we have due today is our own personal mission statement. It can be in any form you want, it can say basically whatever you want it to, it just needs to express how you want to live your life. Ever since Mrs. Smith died I've been big into acrostics, probably because she was, so I figured that was a great way to get my message across.

So here's what I came up with. I need to remember and live it everyday--that's much easier said than done. And I challenge you to create one for yourself.

Seek forgiveness
Happiness is never overrated
Ask for help
Need grace
No problem is too big
Open yourself
No one can do it for you

Nothing compares to the importance of love—in all forms
Ignore negativity
Consider other perspectives
Others may hurt you, but they also will help you
Listen more
Explore who you are—challenge it

Kindness is quintessential to success
Implore others to be better versions of themselves
Never give up
Energize others
Teach through action
Talk about it

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I mean you wouldn't necessarily know it based on the time I'm posting this blog, but I have enjoyed and evening of literally nothing. For the first time in WEEKS. I have been sitting in bed on my computer (aka ignoring the disaster that is my room and homework) watching Food Network for hours. Perfection. So updates on my life...

-I'm not poor anymore. In fact I'm very far from it...but I'm pretending like that is not the case. Otherwise I will be poor again very soon.
-I have basically stopped doing work. I have been blaming this on Oklahoma. I will have to find some new excuse starting, well, now. I guess I can start blaming Nine on Monday. In actuality, it is SEVERE Senioritis.
-To my own detriment this is seeping into job/internship applications. I have one due Monday. I have two essays and a resume to write. ...maybe I should get on that.
-I am obsessed with this website called Sporcle. It's pointless quizzes. No seriously, I'm obsessed
-That's all.

Already bored of this...standard. See you in two months blog.