Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not a real update, but...

CHECK IT OUT! I added a best of section, with my favorite blog posts (so far...). I'm probably the only person who rereads this blog anyway, so let's be honest, this section is solely for my convenience.

BUT if you do feel so prompted, read these posts!!!!! ----------->

That way you don't have to sift through the hundreds of crap posts to read something mildly entertaining. ;)

MORE FUN COMING YOUR WAY SOON (which everyone at this point should know means in like, three months. I'm the worst)!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

March Updates!

So I need to write a fun, witty blogpost, because it's been a while, but I figured I'd update in the meantime. SO DON'T EXPECT THIS POST TO BE FUNNY. AT ALL.

Life is sweet. This weather is LITERALLY PERFECT. I'd like to thank Mother Nature as well as the state of Virginia for being particularly accommodating to me this winter. As most of you know, winter is close to the top on the long list of things that I hate (I should blog about that list, that alone would make for an excellent rant post), but honestly, you can't really call what we had winter. I was ALL ABOUT IT. So the fact that it's March and it's 80 degrees already is fine by me.

I also find that when the weather is nice, so is life in general. I feel like I, along with everyone I know is so CONTENT right now, which makes my post from like a month ago even more hilariously emo. It was probably cold that day. Not that life doesn't have room for improvement, everything does, but I gotta admit, I'm pretty happy lately! Of course I say that and soon everything will come crashing down. Oh to be cynical at the tender age of 23.

Mostly my life currently consists of FSO, shows, and filling my week days with a crapton of social interaction. I don't actually think I've blogged about this yet, but I'm in a production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee right now as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre (Schwartzy). Super tight. I haven't had a part this character-y since I was in high school, so it's been SO fun to be in that world again. It's also really bizarre to not be a "singer" in this show. Schwartzy's got a glorious character voice y'all, so this belter is temporarily on hiatus. Not gonna lie, it's nice knowing that despite the fact that I have no sleep today (what up Hunger Games at midnight), it totally doesn't matter.

It's so cool/weird being in this show at this point. Like with Hairspray, it's a show I SO wish Jim and Mrs. Smith could have been able to come to. This show probably even more so than Hairspray, because it was Mrs. Smith who "tricked" us into seeing it in New York back in 2006, and it was Jim who made me listen to the soundtrack for six straight months after we saw it. I feel like the producers should probably have paid those two some marketing proceeds for the word of mouth they spread. We were so obsessed. Senior Year of HS I had this stupid hand held tape recorder that I used to keep in my purse, and we'd record the dumbest crap EVER whenever we got bored (so....a lot). I still have it, and there's a recording of us screaming Chip's Lament at the top of our lungs. Awful, and HILARIOUS. If I could figure out a non-ghetto way to put that online (aka, pressing play and recording it on my iphone), I'd do it.

I'm not trying to be depressing, but I definitely have been missing them more than usual lately, largely due to this show. Hopefully I'm doing them proud. :)

You should all buy tickets! Considering that it's a professional production, tickets are RIDICULOUSLY cheap. COME SEE ME!

So show is my life on the weekend, and then during the week is when I try to see as many people as possible. Nice weather has meant lots of evenings in DC, which rocks. I've already seen The Hunger Games twice (stop judging it was awesome). Really my only complaint is that my room is in a state of disarray. But let's be honest, that's 100% my own fault. Oh and also I can complain that I literally just want to shop all day, every day, and I can't. Which is the government's fault for not giving me more money in my tax refund.

It's almost 5, so instead of continuing to ramble, I leave you with a little piece of this HILARIOUS gchat I shared with Daniel today (small back story, Sar has been an extra a couple times on Gossip Girl, which Dan is obsessed with). This is normally not something I'd blog, but it's too long to tweet and I was crying with laughter.


2:09 PM Dan: sarahs gonna get chace my number when shes on Gossip Girl next
its official
me: dudei don't know how to tell you this
this is the last season of GG
Dan: shannon2:10 PM
me: i'm sorry!!!!!
2:11 PM me: i think you would be more upset next year
when suddenly you couldn't watch it anymore
Dan: i think you dont know me at all
if you think 45 mins before i see hunger games is THE PROPER WAY TO BREAK IMPORTANT LIFE CHANGING NEWS