Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Blog

I wish I could say I forget how much I love doing absolutely nothing until I get to do it again, but I never forget. I always remember how great it is to lay around, sleep, tan, and watch TV for hours and hours, which is why I have been looking forward to this week basically since my job started. Don't get me wrong, I would rather make money than waste away and I really love my job....

...but I also REALLY love being lazy.

In case you hadn't gathered, I took this week off (my first real person paid vacation!) to go to Dewey Beach, DE to visit Dan, celebrate my birthday, get lots of sun, and turn off my brain. It has been fantastic.

I left on Saturday after rehearsal ready to RAGE. Okay not ready to rage at all, I had been up since 9, my ankles wanted to punch me in the face, and I was covered in six hours worth of sweat (sexi). But I was not going to let the witching hour of my 23rd birth anniversary go uncelebrated (unlike last year...Boxers Bar NYC FIASCO...needless to say I was in bed by 11...), so I rallied and had a glorious night out on the town with Daniel. I traded drinks with strangers and Dan and I almost fought these three girls in line for pizza at 2 am...I'd call it a huge success.

On my actual birthday Dan took me to lunch and then we headed to THE BEACH YES YES where I began to make up for the lack of sun my skin has seen for the past six months. Then I came back to like a billion bday messages (you guys are the greatest) as well as my first Hairspray Video Blog (birthday edition)...which almost made me cry with happiness. By the time I had "responded" Dan was back from work and we went out for birthday night part two...aka a drag show (where the leading Queen bought me a shot) followed by karaoke (more shots on the house) where a drunk lady told me (after I sang me some Whitney) that I needed to get a manager and a record label...again, definitely a success. Ballin' birthday. Sorry Mom...I mean poké-ballin' birthday.

The next day was cloudy so beach was out BUT I finally got to see Ali Hoxie because she happened to be at Fenwick Island which is super close to Dewey so we went to lunch with her, spent some time at her house with her friends, and then hit the road back to casa de Kingett. Dan's birthday is June 22, so for his present I bought him tickets to Next to Normal at the Kennedy Center. I saw it last summer when I was in New York and became obsessed, and he had gotten into it this year, so when I found out it was coming to DC I obvi had to make that happen. We saw it last night but came back Monday night so Dan could see people and so I didn't have to drive two days in a row.

On the way back I finally busted out the cast album of Book of Mormon which I had been waiting until I had time to listen to...

HOLY LORD. It's so offensive but it's SO hilarious. We were both wrecked. It just makes me even more mad that I didn't buy tickets for April when I had the chance...and that I didn't win the lottery when I tried (although I didn't have a lot of control over that...).

So that night when we finally got back Madre took us and my bro (well, one of them) to dinner and then we hung out with Katie and her NEW CAR. So glorious. Next day was Siam Bistro (literally best thai food in the whole world other than Thailand) and pool...YES SUN. Then dinner with Ash and Next to Normal...which was awesome (but still better in NY). And finally beer and video games...

Speaking of which, you know what game I DO NOT understand? Monopoly for the Wii. It could not make less sense. Somehow I was winning the entire game until the last round when I legitimately ended with $0. I don't even know how it happened.

Today we ventured back to Dewey and I've been sitting in Cory's bed all afternoon while Dan's at work...sorry not sorry. It's been awesome not having ANYTHING I have to do.

I do have Hairspray withdrawl/anxiety though. I've loved being able to recoup and get some energy back, but I am definitely anxious to get back to rehearsals. Thank goodness Jacki is sending me videos of choreography this week or I would probably panic when I got back.

Momentum is really building, tickets are starting to sell out (only like 20 more left for opening night!!!), and the show still has a ways to go but is definitely starting to take form. I'm getting crazy excited. Starting Saturday (three weeks from when we open and when I'm back at rehearsal) it's full throttle. I can't wait. We're coming up to the most stressful/exciting part of this whole process. I have been blessed with an amazing cast and production team and though I'm sure we will have moments of "omg this is never going to come together" (true of every show ever) I think it's going to be fantastic. Rave rave rave I know everyone is sick of me talking about Hairspray. Sorrrr.


Time to go watch's a hard life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In other news...

How gross is this?

Where in the World is...


So I am awful at consistently updating this. This is me making amends (and then not updating again for three months).

I wish I had a hilarious story that prompted me to blog but unfortunately nothing ridiculous has happened lately.

Actually that is a blatant, blatant lie. But I can't blog about the ridiculous things that have happened in the past month because they are stories that are better near and dear to my heart...maybe in five years I will blog about the most ridiculous night ever (proof) ...all I can say is the events that transpired are even crazier than when we fell asleep on the subway and woke up in the Bronx. In the words of Jacob Grob...thepartyneverstops.

Today I'm in a mild state of depression because my entire family is basking in sunny Florida without HARRY POTTER WORLD. I couldn't go because this is a crazy week at work; we have our Annual Board Meeting tonight and our Annual Golf Tournament tomorrow, aka I legit have to be here. I would be more sad if I hadn't already been to HP World...on opening day (remember this?)...BUT STILL. I want to go with my fam. :( Mope mope mope

It's okay though because since I'm not using my final five days of vacation this week, I get to use them next week...TO GO SEE DAN!!!! He's been working in Dewey Beach, DE this summer, literally a block away from the beach, and a)since I love him and haven't seen him since the beginning of May and b)since I love the beach, I shall spend next week basking away in the blissful sun...other than our random night back in DC to see Next to Normal (which Dan hasn't seen so I bought him tickets for his birthday which is TODAY...and it's obviously so good that I wanted to see it again). I will also spend all of next week obsessing over my script.


How have I not talked about Hairspray yet?

For those of you who haven't seen it plastered all over my Facebook, last month I got cast as Tracy Turnblad in The Little Theatre of Alexandria's production of Hairspray. Basically getting into this show is the high school version of me's dream come true.

I was legitimately obsessed with this show and with this part when I was 17. I even auditioned in Baltimore that year to be in the movie (clearly that worked out for me). To show you how ridiculous my obsession was, for a while this was my myspace picture (remember myspace? good times)...and yes, I edited it myself. Whatever, everyone is an idiot when they're 17. At least I was good at photoshop (ok...I wasn't...that picture is awful hahahaha). Gotta be real though...there is legitimately no way I could have played this part (on stage) as a 17 year old. There is SO much singing, so much dancing, and I'm basically on stage for the entire two and half hours.

I should probably be honest though...yes I was obsessed as a 17 year old...but since being cast I have gotten re-obsessed. At least now I have a reason. In my brief moments of spare time, I either watch vids of live productions on youtube or practice all my dances using my brother's sound system (thanks Josh).

Even though the part is really intense and I'm at rehearsal for hours and hours literally every day, I can't complain, not even a little bit, because I am just so happy. I haven't had this much fun in a part in a very long time (I mean you know the ensemble of Carmen comes close, that was just buckets of fun...). And I probably haven't been this well suited for a part...ever. Which has made the process even better. Plus, my cast and production team are AWESOME. And not just in terms of talent level, but as real people; rehearsals have just been really fun. There are many many many hilarious people in this group. Well done LTA, well done. The next month is going to be a whirlwind...we officially open a month from tomorrow. A little over four weeks.


I'm nervous about missing rehearsal next week, so Dan's going to have to deal with my anxiety in the form of running lines with me and watching me run dances.

OH. RIGHT. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T STOP THE BEAT IS RIDICULOUS. Imagine having to jump up and down for approximately ten minutes and what that would do to your breath support. Now imagine having to sing at the same time. SOLO. So hopefully you can understand why I feel the need to practice doing this every day...right now I sound like AWFUL. So gotta get that in check...anyway, the show runs July 23-August 13 in Alexandria, and I would seriously LOVE if any of you loyal readers (hey Mom) could come. Tickets can be purchased online but if you have questions just ask me!!!

But yes. Other than the fact that I am constantly exhausted, life is pretty glorious for the Kingett.

So what else have I been up to? Well this past weekend I saw both Ash and Sar perform in their respective shows. Ash was the lead in Psycho Beach Party at Dominion Stage and was RIDICULOUSLY good. I was blown away. Sarah sang Cenerentola in Bel Cantanti's production of Cenerentola (the story of Cinderella as an Italian Opera by Rossini, for all you non-classical music people). And Sar's voice is even better than the last time I heard her, which I didn't think was possible. Pretty much every time she opened her mouth all I could do was shake my head and smile because I was so stunned. My friends are so effing talented. I love that.

OH! I forgot more exciting news!!! Which is that LAURA HAS A JOB (she's just waiting for her call from HR to make it official) meaning WE CAN FINALLY GET OUR HOUSE. So I will also be MOVING in the middle of the Hairspray run. Fantastic. Worth it though. I miss my roommates. And I'm sick of commuting so far. So the next month will be dedicated to Hairspray...and house hunting...and packing.

Oh right, and that full-time job I have.

I'm going to die. But at least after next week, I'll die tan!

Time to go cry in the bathroom, because now my family has decided to start texting me pics of HP life is hard.

P.S. I don't think I have ever put this many links in one blog post. Whoops.