Tuesday, August 16, 2011

@shanbamf: #hairspraytweets

So epic, most likely depressing Hairspray blog is coming, but in the meantime, I got bored and decided to read my twitter timeline for the past three months, and compiled most of the things I tweeted about Hairspray. Find me on twitter #hairspray kids...@shanbamf!!!

May 16 (the day I decided to audition): Blasting hairspray with my windows down...stopped at a light next to an old man with his windows down... #awkward

May 24 (day of callbacks): On so many drugs. I WILL NOT GET SICK

May 24: Tea and Emergen-C ALL DAY. I WILL RUIN YOU, ILLNESS!

May 24 (during callbacks): Prayers for me right now please. I am so so close


May 26: Is this real life? http://yfrog.com/gyah0zqj

June 3: Woof...just had our first full sing through...I sing the ENTIRE SHOW. I did not get to sit down almost the entire night. #hairspray #nodes

June 4: Learning all of you can't stop the beat...holy lord. #hairspray #cardiacarrest

June 5: My ENTIRE body is sore today. #hairspray #youcantstopthebeat #youcantstopthemuscletrauma #dangit

June 18: Welcome to the 60's is a choreographer's nightmare. #hairspray #shambles #effyoumarcshaiman

June 23 (while tweeting from my office's annual golf tournament): I just do not understand golf. In other news, I have act 2 completely memorized. #toobadact1istwiceaslong #hairspray

June 23: Annnnnnd I'm obsessed with the I can hear the bells choreography #hairspray #bestdayever

June 25: My ankles are so sore that I had to take painkillers...with my beer. #poorlifechoices

July 9: My legs actually might fall off. SEVEN HOURS OF REHEARSAL

July 11: Thanks to FB, two of my favorite things are colliding...#hairspray and #harrypotter. Love my castttttttt

July 11: Sitz is always my favorite rehearsal #hairspray

July 12: Sometimes I sit at my desk and practice choreography sitting down #hairsprayconfessions #itsaslowday

July 18: So. Much. Pain. In. My. Limbs. #doubletech #hairsprayproblems #omghowamifunctioning

July 23: Last night was absolutely amazing...so ready for opening tonight!!!! #hairspray

July 27: I am buzzing with energy right now. I predict epic DP in the dressing room tonight. So pumped for tonight's show. #hairspray #workblows

July 27: Get ready @TTP83 (that's Adrian!)...tonight we are staging Hairspray 2

July 27: Turns out, at work, you CAN stop the beat #imdying #bored #omg #isit5yet #hairsprayplease

August 2: @TTP83 Tonight...we have to COMMIT to the MMGANG cheer. Also, on a related note, we're taking shots before the show #sponsornight #hairspray

August 3: I know what the problem was last night...no red bull, and no dramatic readings of Hairspray 2! We're fixing that tonight @TTP83.

August 5: I normally cannot focus at work...but I SUPER cannot focus today... #minkstole #hairspray

August 8: I am so depressed today :( #howamigoingtofeelaweekfromnow

August 10: @TTP83 Baby just likes to do the boink...boink... #omg

August 12: Guhhh greatest cast ever. #hairspray #saturdaywillbesobfest2k11

August 13: Pretty sure dehydration is inevitable today. #lastshow #sobfest2k11 #hairspray

August 14: I cannot stop crying.

August 15: Guhhhhh #postshowdepression #hairspray

August 16: First day of no #hairspray...FIVE HOURS of Millionaire Matchmaker. #itsfine

Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so bad with change. Sometimes I like to try and convince myself that as I've gotten older, I've gotten better at dealing with change, but I think I've actually only gotten better at lying to myself about it.

I've been sad and weepy all morning, which is pretty pathetic because my show is not actually over yet. I wish I was not one of those people who preemptively anticipates the end, but I so am. It's dumb. So I've spent this entire morning in a lethargic state trying to get stuff done for work and occasionally FBing.

The biggest problem is whenever I get like this, I start to get nostalgic about everything, including things I have long forgotten about or felt sadness over.

For instance, I was looking at the FB of someone I went to high school with (not even someone I was actually good friends with), and I noticed that she had posted pictures of her classroom for the upcoming school year...guess she went to school to become a HS Math teacher. But while I was looking at these classroom pictures (why?! WHY DID I EVEN LOOK AT THEM I COULD NOT CARE LESS), I started to think about when I used to sit in a classroom like that, you know, SEVEN YEARS AGO...

AND I GOT TEARY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I do not miss high school for one second. I CERTAINLY do not miss high school MATH for one second. Yet here I am, weepy at my desk...the desk I'm given because I have a GROWN PERSON JOB...over a distant acquaintance's math classroom.

I know it's misplaced sadness. I'm like this every time something good comes to an end. The last week of my Senior Year at JMU you basically couldn't be around me. I had a complete meltdown (sorry Dan) because some of my friends didn't show up to a scavenger hunt I planned...girlfriend was pretty nutso.

It breaks my heart to know that in less than a week this will all be over. I have a whole slew of things to focus on once I'm done, and sure, it will be nice to have a normal sleeping pattern again, not to mention a social life, but it doesn't change the fact that this has easily made the top 5 of greatest and most life changing experiences I have ever had, and it's incredibly sad to see it end.

Normally I would elaborate and get all mushy...but it's lunch time and let's be real...I may be sad but I'm also starving. Plus I don't think drawing out details of the depression-state is going to help me get out of it.

But maybe carbs will.