Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miracle Car

First of all, no whining today, because I have zero responsibilities until tonight. Essentially I can sleep all day if I want...which is awesome.

Now to the story at hand. I love my car. I have been obsessed with it since the first time I test drove it (almost four years ago now...woof). Actually I probably have been obsessed with it since I started looking for cars to replace my old one that wasn't really drivable anymore:So sad. Silver Bullet, may you rest in peace. 8/10/06

Anyway...back to current car...I loved it online, and I SUPER loved it on the road. So St. Patrick's Day weekend 2007 it was mineeeee.

But last night, my car took it to a whole new level. Backstory: One of the functions my car has is a gas countdown so that I know how much longer I have until I'm out of gas. I particularly love this function because I HATE getting/paying for gas. In general I wait until the last possible moment before refilling my tank, a practice that is unwise and highly irresponsible. So last night after one of our many cast parties (last show is tonight!!! Come come come!!!), I decided to wait to get gas (I had about 20 miles to E) until I got to Manassas because it would be cheaper there.

When I finally got off 66 at Rt. 28...I had 2 miles left to E...and I didn't know where the closest gas station was. I was literally panicked. I have only gotten to 0 miles to E one other time, and it was right as we were pulling up to a gas station (I'm sure Dan remembers oh too well...I was screaming and he was taking pictures):But last night I had no idea where there even was a gas station (heads's 3 effing miles off of 66). So when my countdown hit 0 miles to E and I had no gas station in sight, I freaked out a little bit. I was afraid to stop driving because I didn't know if I'd be able to start the car again. I grabbed Jane (my GPS) and had her find the closest gas station...well Jane was an EPIC fail because she had me drive in a circle to a gas station 1 mile away...THAT DIDN'T EXIST. Still panicking, I decided to just continue down 28 until I found one, disgusted with the road technology had led me down. I couldn't believe I was even still driving, it had been on 0 miles to E for at least ten minutes and 4 miles (thanks to the detour...stupid Jane). Then I saw it gleaming in the distance...a BP!

Side note. I don't particularly like BP because it's always more expensive and that whole oil spill thing. But I was not in the position to negotiate. I was a little nervous because the gas station lights were out but I didn't know what else to do, plus it would take cards 24 hours, right?

WRONG. All the pumps were shut off AND I had turned my car off. Enter FULL SCALE PANIC. I managed to turn my car on (defying all logic) and get back on 28 to continue the search for gas. At this point I wasn't even focused on where a gas station was so much as how it was 1 am and I was going to have to call someone to bring me gas. I was still screaming, btw, but I was at least coming up with a Plan B inside my head.

And then I saw it ACTUALLY gleaming in the distance...a Sunoco with the LIGHTS ON. I pulled in, saw the sign on the pump that said "24 hour cards accepted" and almost cried with joy.

I had driven for probably 7 miles on NO GAS. HOW?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! I guess 0 miles to E must actually mean 0 miles to fumes (and believe me, by the time I saw the Sunoco the fumes were almost gone car was starting to make unhappy sounds). Either that or I had a CAR MIRACLE. I like this option better.

Last detail...I don't typically like to rename things, especially cars (something Dan chooses to car's name is not and has never been Ahukanaya...or Beatrice), but after last night, my car's new name is Hermione...because she is OBVIOUSLY magical:

Friday, January 28, 2011


I guess that blog title is a bit of a contradiction. Whatevs.

I am WRECKED today. I slept really badly last night because I was worried I was going to sleep through my assessment for personal training this morning, so I woke up like, every hour, and I had to wake up for real at SIX to make sure I was there by 7. So I'm so exhausted. And it's snowing AGAIN (GAH) and I just want to be at home in my bedddddd. Alas, I cannot at ALL today because this is my last weekend of shows (COME SEE IT!). I'm supposed to go to a cast party in DC tonight but I don't know if I'm going to be able to last that long (that's what she said). I think I'm going to leave work early though so that I have time to take the dog out and take a shower. Or do SOMETHING to feel better because I currently feel like crap.

Whiney blog post. Sorry not sorry. I'll try and update next week once my life is chilled out (aka after the shows are completely done. AND I CAN GET A NEW HAIRCUT OMGGGGG I CAN'T WAITTTTTTTTTTT). And I won't be whiny because I'll have gotten regular sleep.


Monday, January 10, 2011


OPENING THIS FRIDAY! (note: If you'd like to see ME in this show, I won't be at the 1/15 and 1/16 performances because of come another day. But if you don't care about seeing me come any day!)

You can find tickets here! COME COME COME!

Here's an article about our show (on the second page, that's me all the way to the right!) if you're interested:


Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I need to go to bed, but I wanted to blog about my job first!!! So this is going to be super super short and hopefully this weekend I have time to write something a little more substantial.

As you can tell, I am SO busy!!! But I actually love that and feel like I thrive under a lot of activity, so busy is definitely a good thing! I don't even have time to text anyone back during work...which if you know me even a little bit, tells you a whole lot about how much there is to do. I have jumped into real life head first, lemme tell ya. My friends and family have been asking what all I've been doing...and the answer is anything and everything. Today's been my favorite so far because I'm starting to get more of a feel for it, plus we got to go through all the Silent Auction gifts, and I love stuff, so that was fun. There's a signed JoBros poster...this auction is going to be (Borat voice...shout out to you Allison) GREAT SUCCESS! Also I created and printed my own business cards (I think I'm too excited about the fact that I have business cards) and got to buy office supplies for my desk from Staples. Paid for by the FSO. NEWPLANNERIAMSOEXCITED.

That last paragraph was SO nerdy. I feel like Pam Beasley. Which reminds me, I need to go to bed now (I fall asleep to The's fine). Because I NEED rest. I have had and will continue to have at least a 15 hour day every day this week (except yesterday, which we got off, and I didn't plan anything on purpose because I needed to come home and be comatose), because my first week of work just happened to coincide with the final two weeks of Drowsy...meaning we have no "end time". And next week is tech. And if you know anything about theatre, you know exactly what that means for me. PLUS next week is concert week for the FSO (yeah did I mention that I'm missing Saturday and Sunday's performances of Drowsy next week because it also happens to be one of six concert weekends this year for the FSO? My. Life.) so it's going to be nuts at work too. I'm obviously really excited for next weekend, but I simultaneously can't wait for it to be over. Because after next week Drowsy rehearsals cease, meaning I can do normal things at night again...LIKE GO TO THE GYM AND WATCH TV. And work will calm down slightly (but not much because we have a huge gala on Feb 11).

Sorry that paragraph is basically just my schedule. Dan is cringing somewhere and he doesn't even know why (and he probably never will because I'm pretty sure he never reads this hahahaha)...but I do. Sorry I suck at blogging today. I'm just trying to be brief and concise and I'm doing neither. And I NEED to go to bed because I have to wake up at SEVEN. GROSS.

I actually had planned this morning to try and blog about the adventures of Jim, Joe, and Shan circa 2005-2006, but it's late and I need sleep...but know that it was inspired by listening to the Kane Show on 99.5 this morning. Kane and Samy were trying to get Sarah to tell them about a time she accidentally let a fart slip out in front of someone, which she obviously refused and said she didn't do stuff like that. It was literally like listening to a conversation we had on one of our many trips to Jim's house after school (either before or after we'd drive by the kids who always were playing on their skateboards on Lindendale, when Jim would roll down the window and yell "YOU SUCK! WHY DO YOU EVEN TRY YOU SUUUUUUUCK" everytime we drove by them....aka every single day. HILARIOUS). I have many, MANY more absurd stories about the three of us, like the time Jim and Joe got drunk right before a bat mitzvah we went to together:
...but that's for another day. Now I sleep.

Updates soon?!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm nocturnal

I'm pretending it isn't insomnia. I was tired for HOURS and bam I get in bed and all of a sudden my brain won't turn off. But it's okay because I trust myself to sleep normally starting tomorrow night in preparation for NEW JOB ON MONDAY!!!! Hear that brain? I trust you...

Just had the most ridiculous two days ever. What happens when literally 20 of your friends decide on a whim to go to Manhattan for New Years? MADNESS. Glorious madness. I'd like to personally thank Allison Kinney for organizing probably the best NYE I've ever had. The stories will be told for decades. Centuries maybe. I'd tell them here but I don't consider them particularly public blog friendly. But summarized here's NYE in NYC 2k10/11: Catch phrases (GAME TIME, the tightness, refocus, and still pumpin'), hashbrown and clutch pumpin, a NYE involving sky diving and turning off planes, spending every waking moment with David Rea and loving it, Josh and Brandon's adventures, a bottle of Absolut: Brooklyn being the first and only credit card purchase, exploding ginger ale, two hours late for EVERYTHING, Justin Bieber, Boxers Bar, spiked milkshakes, Josh's burger ecstasy, being awkward hat twins with the girl who sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME on the L, secret undercover texting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH SMITH!!!!, never eating, PIZZAAAAAAAA, Subway fails, porn star bathroom, FB videos, American Girl Dolls, DANIEL'S SURPRISE!, Grey Goose and Patron, Road's balloon, the secret cellar, SPARKLES!, JMU friends on the bus, THE CRAZY GIRL NEXT TO ME, David's asian luck, singing Santa Fe on our empty subway car, scary Broadway Junction, hipsters, Elmo and Cookie Monster, falling asleep on the subway and waking up in the Bronx, and finally getting my french toast...once we got back from NY.


I'm basically just posting pieces of my inner monologue in this particular blog post because then maybe you will understand why I can't sleep. I have all of this simultaneously occurring in my head.

Marry You by Bruno Mars is my latest musical obsession. I have clearly been hanging out with Joe 24/7.

I also decided that this year's theme is 2011: The Year of Shannon. I'm not really sure what this means but I think it has a nice ring to it. ;)

I am so dehydrated because I keep forgetting to drink water.

WHY IS INCEPTION SO TIGHT. I could watch it every day.

I have incredible friends. I am grateful for each and everyone one of them.

Glad to get that off my chest. This is the most ADD blog post ever. Sorry not sorry.

I think I need to write more short stories, like this one I wrote accidentally. Woof that was SO long ago! I wonder what HBB is up to now...

Busy-ness resumes tomorrow. Break is officially over. But so much excitement is on the horizon! New job on Monday, Drowsy opens in less than two weeks!!!, my first FSO concert weekend, training sessions with new personal trainer, lots of birthdays...and I'm sure many exciting things that I don't yet know about. HOORAYYYYYYYY! Let the new year beginnnnn!