Thursday, June 7, 2012

An updated and revised bucket list

So in October 2010, I wrote a Bucket List. I was feeling really down and out of control of my own life (not too out of the ordinary for a just out of college 22 year old, but I didn't quite realize that at the time), so writing down my goals helped me focus on hope and the future.

I've been feeling in a rut lately, and without hope, without direction. So I thought about this Bucket List. Maybe it's time to start crossing things off. But I reread it, and it needs revising. So why not now?! I'm trying this new thing where I stop letting fear get in the way of being me, especially the fear of damaging my pride. So I'm gonna be honest on this list. Maybe too honest. And there are things on here I might never get, and I might never do. Old me would have been afraid of looking like a failure later on because of it. But new me realizes that if you live a life of happiness, you can't fail. So maybe I won't do it all. But I'm gonna try. And I'm gonna do lots. And it's going to be amazing. And I'm gonna be happy, no matter what.

So without further ado, I admit to you, my hopes and dreams:

-Fall in love
-Read all of Jane Austen's books
-See the Vatican
-Visit Israel
-Cook an entire Thanksgiving Dinner on my own
-Visit South Africa
-Work on Broadway. There. I said it.
-Have red hair
-Run a marathon
-Go to Australia
-Go skydiving
-Have kids
-Learn how to ride a unicycle
-Learn how to juggle
-Visit every state
-Visit every continent
-Go on an Alaska cruise
-Fly first class
-Eat real gelato and pizza in Italy
-Go to Ireland
-Have $100,000 saved in a bank account
-Direct a musical
-Drive a car in England
-Become fluent in another language
-Do a multi-day hike
-Meet JK Rowling
-Go to Times Square for New Years
-Record a CD
-Take a cooking class with a legit chef
-Go para-sailing
-See an opera in Europe
-Go to the Met
-Be a guest lecturer
-Live at the Beach
-Live in New York again
-Master a cartwheel
-Perform for more than 2,000 people
-See a production of the Nutcracker
-See a production of Swan Lake
-Go to a Hollywood premiere
-Write a book
-Go to an Eagles game
-Watch the Eagles win the Superbowl (doesn't have to be in person...although that is ideal)
-Buy a house
-Have a wiener dog named Tucker (assuming I am not allergic...)
-Ride in a hot air balloon
-Make something go viral on the internet

And, as ever, MORE TO COME!