Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I miss

Here's a list of things I currently miss and/or am lacking, in no particular order (except the first one):

-An income
-My brothers
-Tan legs
-The beach
-SF 2008
-Dan Snyder
-Dan Snyder's bartending skillz
-Sporcle while watching P&P
-Hershey's chocolate dunkers and all people associated with this food
-Chicken Charlie
-Guys and Dolls circa 2005
-499 Snowberry
-The Copper Beech pool
-My HP countdown
-The green couch and all things associated with it
-Singing Rent in opera voices
-St. Patrick's Day 2010
-Scrabble, powerade, diet red bull, and everclear
-Katie Morrison being my 5th roommate
-The Package
-The Black and White party
-Practice room jam sesh's with Matty
-The Music Library (exception to this...Dog Lady and Dog Lady's dog)
-Changing computer wallpapers
-Frank Mavilia's bee keeper Halloween costume
-Beginning words with "fr" at the beginning
-Ronald Panta
-Making Matt listen to Dreamstreet
-The Summer Friendship Blog (
-Toni Papp
-Kenny Loggins
-Purple Doritos
-$3 Charro Margs

More suggestions are welcome!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two things

So last night we went to Hoboken on a quest to go to the Cake Boss Bakery. UNFORTUNATELY it was closed. So I'm probably going to make Madre go back with me this week. But anyway, we're missing the important part of this story. So after venturing a BILLION blocks we found the St. Ann's Italian Festival...however, I would venture to say there was nothing Italian about this Festival. It reminded me of Holy Family Festival except substitute parishioners with Guidos. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. And the last time I checked, Cheesesteaks were not Italian. Effing New Jersey. We did catch a glimpse of filming of the popular reality show, Jerseylicious (yes, this is a real thing I learned. vom). Good to know that shows based on real life require many takes. Does that mean every time I mess up I get a redo?

I'm still not to the best part of Hoboken though. So after this 40 mile walk to the Festival, we decide the food is not satisfactory and walk back towards the PATH train to find food. So we decide on this Chinese restaurant (yessss) and I know it's a winner immediately--our waiter(ess) is a tiny, gender ambiguous man/woman who barely speaks, and the restaurant ambiance is made complete with the music coming through the speakers--the Jonas Brothers CD. At least the food was decent.

The second thing my blog is referring to is a favor I have for all of my loyal readers (which I would equate to .5-1 people, if that). I applied for a job yesterday. This is not an unusual occurance, at this point I think I've applied to about 50 jobs, with literally zero calls or interviews. Awesome. HOWEVER, this is a job I WANT. Like, REALLY REALLY want. And I know I could do. So please, say lots and lots of prayers for me, I'm starting to get to the desperate and scared that I'm not getting hired place, and getting this job would solve ALL of that.


Also if any of you happen to know anyone who worked in the Actors' Equity Association office, a call to them would also be super tight. Time to shower and pick up the parentals from Penn Station! YAYAYAYAY!!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Life updates

Well amigos, I have now officially lived in the big NY for over a month! Big time big time. I figured I'd give some life updates since my last post was highly emo.

-New apartment! It is very pretty. My landlady is tiny, polish, and ancient, and she reminds me of those troll dolls with the pink hair and jewel bellybuttons. I mean that in a good way. Except this troll would have white hair. She's nice though so ain't no thang.
-After three weeks of torture and incompetency from both UPS and Verizon, I FINALLY have internet in my new apartment! Aka it is blissful. I now have no excuse to not apply for at least five jobs a day. I have probably applied for over 50 jobs at this point. Zero interviews. Awesome.
-I have a new roommate! Her name is Carrie and she went to UVA which means she's smarter than me. Another reason I know she's smarter than me is because she waited until she had a job before she moved here. But she's really really nice and I'm very excited to not be living by myself anymore! Also she brought a my apartment is perfect.
-I have learned that the best cure for a bad day is seeing a show, seeing as it's insanely easy to do so. Last week I saw Next to Normal (Alice Ripley's last was FIERCE) and then A Little Night Music (Bernadette, also fierce, but duh). The problem here is that shows are not cheap. Then again, nothing here is cheap. PLEASE ALL I NEED IS A JOB PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
-I have new shoes. They're from Anthro and they're perfect
-INCEPTION WAS THE BEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN IN YEARS, MAYBE EVER. I saw it last night and was literally wrecked. If you haven't seen it yet you MUST. I can't get over how good it was.
-I am preparing myself for the onslaught of friends in the coming month. Now that summer is drawing to a close/I'm settled, all my peeps are coming to visit and it makes me so so so so happy! Madre and Padre are coming this Tues-Sat yayayayayayay
-Summer ending in a monthish means two things. 1. More people from JMU are moving here! Which rocks. 2. HOPEFULLY THE HEAT WILL START TO GO AWAY. I mean seriously I used to LOVE summer. Just last night I was talking about how I want it to be COLDER (what?!) because I miss wearing tights.
-My legs are sort of starting to get used to this place. Aka walking at least three miles every day (I do not exaggerate). However, the cankle is not a fan. Let me tell you a little bit about the cankle. Don't assume I just have disgusting ankles. I do not. In fact they're quite lovely. But two years ago at the infamous SF lock-in 2k8, during an epic spy game I may or may not have fallen down the dark stairs in my quest to be sneaky and merciless on the chilluns. Annnnd I am pretty sure I broke my right ankle, I just was too lazy to go to the emergency room (that was also the summer of the stones, and I was tired of hospitals). It swelled like CRAZY and took forever to go back to normal (it is now though, no worries), so I fondly named it the cankle. It healed, but I'm not exactly sure if it healed 100%. Most of the time the muscles around it are pretty tight and unstretched, so I never notice that it's not healed right. Buuuut all this walking has definitely warmed up my muscles and kept them loose, which is usually a really good thing....not so much for the cankle. Because it pretty much is sore all the time. I'm hoping that after a while it just gets used to the walking...because thanks to my lack of job aka medical insurance, it doesn't look like a doctor's visit is in the cards!
-I have been rereading HP all summer and it, like always, fills my heart with complete joy.

That's it for now. On the horizon for this week is visiting the bakery from Cake Boss in Hoboken (YES YES YES), convincing Ma and Pa to see Promises, Promises (hellooooo Kristin Chenoweth) as well as The Lion King, and Coney Island next weekend. Also wearing the perfect shoes at least once. Ahhhh bliss.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Is my new existence. Seriously I am stressed out all the bloody time. I'm also super irritable today due to the fact that I got about three hours of sleep last night because my apartment feels like hell. I even plugged in eviction air conditioner and it did NOTHING. What a waste of money. So now I'm trying to figure out how to get a window unit TONIGHT into my apt, which is just a bucket of fun. I'm going to have to end up taking a cab from Union Square which is probably going to run me $20. Love that. Not. Why is there no central air anywhere in this city? It is LITERALLY 100 outside.

I miss having friends around. Millions of people live here and I am SO lonely.

Emo post ftw.