Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love fall, and why isn't Harry Potter real?

Since I can't start every blog post with "Ugh I'm the worst at updating", I'm not going to.

I had every intention of writing a blog about the end of Hairspray and how much it meant to me, but I'm sort of glad I didn't. I feel like re-reading that would only make me sad, and I already miss that show enough as it is. That is an experience that cannot be replicated or replaced.

But I'm not dwelling on that because again, it only makes me sad, and this post is about two things that make me happy!!!

I am the world's biggest proponent of Summer. I love when it's hot, I love sun, and beach, and tans, and Corona, and the smell of suntan lotion, and everything it entails...but man do I love me some fall. By the time we get to September I'm sick of my summer wardrobe and I'm ready to wear tights again, which works out well because it's finally cool enough to merit leg coverings.

Fall also means pumpkin things, pumpkin candles and pumpkin chowder (don't knock it till you try it, this is coming from someone who hates everything) in particular. Also pumpkin roll. Also Sam Adams Oktoberfest. And apple things.

Fall usually inspires fun "picturesque" trips that involve seeing leaves and cute quaint places and shopping. Last year we trekked to Middleburg but this year I'm trying to go Apple picking in the Shen Valley.

And in just over a month, Fall brings us Halloween, which ushers in November, aka Thanksgiving, which is really just a hop skip and a jump away from Christmas. It's Holiday season friends, and this girl is READY AND EXCITED.

Fall makes me think of JMU, which I get to experience in full glory this weekend for Homecoming. Fall is also football/tailgating (GO EAGLES) time, and baseball playoff time (GO PHILS).

Basically, fall is awesome. Fall used to be on my long list of hatreds, but ever since this season stopped meaning the beginning of school and therefore homework and the long list of useless things school entails, it grew on me. Now if only fall didn't culminate in winter (don't even get me started on that sorry excuse for a season...eh too late my next blog is going to be about why I hate winter...stay tuned), I would be its biggest fan.

There's one other thing fall reminds me of, which leads me to this blog's next discussion point, and that's Harry Potter. Usually, fall, and November in particular, is the time for new HP movies. Which usually prompts me to read the entire series again. Plus, Halloween is always a big HP time for obvious reasons, so it's pretty much impossible to not think of our favorite bespectacled hero this time of year.

Except. There is no new HP this year. Or ever again. Which is maybe the most depressing thing I've thought about all day.

Pretty much what I've concluded is that it's not fair that Harry Potter isn't real. Pottermore only makes this fact worse. Magic would make life awesome. All I want in the world is my 9 3/4 inch Laurel Wand with its Dragon Heart-string core (NERD NERD NERD) so that I can do awesome magic and play Quidditch (ok let's be real I would be awful at Quidditch) and defeat the dark lord. What more can you ask for (I know what more...How I Met Your Mother Season 6, out on DVD today)?

It is now my mission to infuse this fall with the spirit of HP, even though there will be no midnight release, no gathering of the crazed, and unfortunately no new introductions of magic into life. So if you're awesome, keep your ears peeled for HP themed parties and movie nights, dinner and dessert creations, AND MORE.

My life this season has renewed purpose. Bring it on fall, because this year your theme is HARRY POTTER.