Monday, November 15, 2010

Shoes of death

So I have about a half hour to kill before I have to leave for rehearsal, and I have decided that the best way to spend this time is to blog about my day.

I figured that since it's Monday and we never have shows on Monday, today was a good day to give the new heels a trial run to determine how painful they are. Usually I have to walk to the bank every morning to go change money, but Mondays I don't have to since no one is using the cash boxes in the evening. Mondays usually involve desk work; obviously this would be the best day to trick myself into thinking these shoes didn't murder my feet. Because they really are magnificent, but like most other magnificent shoes, they make your feet want to die.

I actually have another pair of shoes that could be considered shoes of death, except I call them Satan's Shoes. They are FANTASTIC but a)HURT SO MUCH OMG and b)are INCREDIBLY slippery. I discovered this during the dress rehearsal for my Senior Recital. During this song, after my "big reveal" (3:50, in case you're curious and don't feel like watching the entire video), I walk out in the shoes. However, in my dress rehearsal, I didn't leave the stage for my quick change soon enough, which meant that even with Ash and Joe throwing Satan's Shoes on my feet, I was still rushed. I was late getting on stage, so I tried to run...AND EPICALLY FAILED. You know in cartoons when characters step on a banana and wipe out with their feet going right in the air, causing them to land right on their butt? Yeah imagine that in real life. Happening to me. In the middle of a song. I actually was fine but I don't think anyone in my recital will ever fully recover. People were actually crying with tears of laughter. I don't even blame them, it was HILARIOUS.


Anyway. So I got to work and had some emails to send, calls to make, etc. All good tasks for the shoes. My next tasks included:
-Finding every headshot for the people coming to audition tomorrow in our files (this means standing)
-Copying all the sides and music for auditions tomorrow and then creating packets for each character (this means more standing)
-Rearranging the lobby for a CD release party tonight (standing AND moving things)

BAD day to test the shoes. Bad, BAD day.

But they really got their fill of torture this afternoon when I went with my boss to Harris Teeter to get food for the party tonight. It was actually maybe the most entertaining thing I've had to do at work thus far (well, excluding the time we spent two days making this), mostly because we had to buy enough "classy" finger food to feed FORTY people and my boss doesn't buy a lot of finger foods (that's a nice way of saying he had zero idea of what to buy).

Luckily for him, his intern happens to be a food GODDESS who hosts parties roughly once every two weeks, so I was ON IT. Veggies, grapes, cookies, crackers, and CHEESE. NAILED IT. I even told my boss how much my best friend would enjoy what I was doing (shout out to you Sarah Smith). This is because we bought Brie and Smoked Gouda (and cheddar, but I don't think cheddar ranks for her like the other two do), and Sar likes these cheeses arguably more than she likes most of the people she knows.

We probably spent 45 minutes shopping, and the next hour creating masterful ways to present the food. Needless to say, a very very entertaining way to spend two hours.

But imagine doing all of these:


Luckily I brought moccasins too so they can recover during rehearsal. Because if you think I'm never wearing these shoes again simply because they're painful, try again. See you on Friday night, shoes of death!

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