Thursday, March 19, 2009

For someone with excellent time management skills, I certainly do not put them to use

I'm basically an idiot. While this applies to many areas of my life, for today I choose to focus in on my time management skills. As a general rule, I waste a LOT of time doing things that have little to no value and that are detrimental to my success in life. For example, I am currently writing this blog, even though I have yet to start my four page Opera History paper OR my take home test that's due tomorrow.

Let's evaluate how I spent yesterday:
7:45 My alarm goes off. I decide at this sleep induced moment that I'm going to screw studying for my midterm and sleep more, seeing as I was up until 1 the night before stalkbooking and am therefore very tired still.
8:45 Another alarm goes off. I decide I don't need to straighten my hair today...more sleep
9:15 Another alarm goes off. I finally decide to get out of bed and begin my day, but only because it's preview day and I have to look fresh-to-death (def, if you will). Since I have a midterm, I plan on being ready to go and leaving by 9:40.
9:40 Get out of the shower. Evaluate Evie's outfit. Facebook. Eventually dry my hair and put on make-up.
10:00 Leave for my 10:10 Midterm
10:10 Fail my Midterm
11:15 Waste away in quite possibly the most boring Visual Aspects class of the semester
12:05 Facebook in the Music Library
12:20 Decide to skip lunch and area recital in exchange for adventuring with Sarah, Joe, and Allison. Adventures include sitting in rocking chairs in Martin's for a half hour and buying a lot of Chick-fil-a.
2-5:30pm Sit on the Quad. Skip Health. They talked about contraceptives. No great loss.
5:30 Get Josh to take me home to get my car even though I have to somehow get back and be parked by 6. This plan is unsuccessful, as Josh's car has been towed.
6:00 Am on time to Opera Scenes, but car-less
7:20 Leave for Otterbein, which begins at 7:15
8:25 Spend 15 minutes laughing at Martha's sweatshirt
8:40 Leave for Jack's rehearsal
9:00-10:00 Run a 3 minute song about 6 times...this should have only taken 25 minutes max.
10:15 Get home, make a nutritious dinner of popcorn, brownies, and sour patch kids
10:30-11 Analyze a map of the United States in preparation for my road summer.
11-12 ...I'm not even sure. All I know is that I finally got in bed at midnight.

In conclusion, over the course of an entire day, the only things I actually accomplished that I NEEDED to accomplish were a test and three rehearsals.

You would think that this knowledge would cause me to reassess my priorities and get my life in order, but instead, I continue to write this blog. In about 10 minutes I plan on making a nice, relaxing brunch, watching TV, and waiting for my laundry to finish drying.

I still have those papers to write, so I think I'll do them after Chorale. Or maybe I'll blog again instead.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's with this blogging fad?

I figured I should probably jump on this bandwagon early, before everyone else started making blogs therefore rendering this a lame pastime. Let the record show that Sarah and I stole this idea from Allison, rendering us second generation bloggers. Anyone else who creates a blog is just following in our example. I feel like reading this blog will entertain people. Who wouldn't want to waste their time getting inside this brain, trying to figure out its inner workings? And a lot of strange things happen to me and I feel like this is a good venue to share these things with the world. Lord knows I can't put them in a Facebook note (the epitome of lameness).

So I had maybe one of the most disturbing Health classes of all time today. I had an overwhelming urge to skip (meaning I would have only attended one out of four classes today...typical), but this urge was squelched by my dear friend and fellow classmate Laura, who reminded me that we would be skipping next Monday for stupid Chorale so we should go today. This is the last time I take advice from her, seeing as the topic of todays class was Human Sexual Anatomy. It began innocently enough, with ambiguous slides about sexual orientation and hermaphrodites. However, things quickly escalated and culminated in a picture of a man massaging his balls (checking for cancer, APPARENTLY), which was followed by my teacher rendering a VERY detailed drawing of a vagina (said drawing included legs and pubic hair...yikes). Needless to say, I was very relieved when I looked at my phone and saw that it was 3:31, because I had to leave early to catch the bus (ICS II, just in case you were wondering). Laura was left to stay until class was over at 3:45. Karma.

I'm currently sitting in my home away from home, the music library. This is quite possibly one of my most favorite places to be, due to the overwhelming amount of social activity it holds. People come here and pretend to do work, but really they just waste time talking to each other, facebooking, creating blogs, and getting yelled at by the super mean dog lady. In fact, Meghan just commented on the fact that currently, this is what we're doing: I'm blogging, Rachel is looking at pictures of Ryan Reynolds (more on that later) and searching for Sarah Smith, and Meghan is in fact just watching us do both of these things, despite the fact that there are many empty computers in the room.
Ryan Reynolds is quite literally the closest thing to heaven on this earth. Man is BANGIN'. I always knew this to be fact, but as I looked at the pictures Rachel was browsing, I was reminded again. How could I have ever forgotten?

Unfortunately, Ryan is married to Scarlet Johansson. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?! I still remember when she was in Home Alone 3. Girlfriend was NOT CUTE. Plus, she played a home wrecker in "He's Just Not That Into You", and so I will always see her in an unfavorable light (seeing as that movie is the embodiment of truth). 

I need to stop writing soon, because I need to mentally prepare for Opera Scenes. Not in the way you might assume; this is quite possibly the dumbest class in existence. It causes me physical anger knowing how my time is about to spent. Why, you might ask, am I taking this class? Graduation friends. It looms, ever-present, and I plan on doing it on time (that's what she said).

Until next time,