Friday, September 24, 2010


I have found, is the worst.

I need to fix my sleeping patterns. I can't sleep...ever. For example, last night I was up until 4 reading Wikipedia articles about Jon Stewart. Seriously. I don't know why but I just never feel tired until almost dawn. Even when I get no sleep, I end up staying up until at least 3. SO LAME. I'm this close to investing in some Advil PM and passing out tomorrow before midnight.

In other news, I AM ALMOST MOVED OUT OF NY! Well not really almost, but everything except the top of my closet and my bedding is packed, and the movers will be here tomorrow at 11! I am SO ready to be settled in VA. So so so so so ready. And so stoked! I missed my bed and my clothes...but I didn't miss Brooklyn. Also, this week, I have ridden a Bolt Bus headed to/from NY THREE TIMES. Literally. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That's almost 15 hours. Pretty much awful. And tomorrow it's back to VA in a Uhaul. But I'm fine with it because then the traveling will be DONEEEE. Well except I'm going to Hburg on Saturday to see Brandon's show. But that won't count because I don't have to move any crap. So exciteddd!!!

In other other news, these are at the top of my "to buy when I have money" list: so beautifulllll

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ah, friends.

Sometimes I'm really happy that I have friends who open up, allow themselves to be vulnerable, and share with me their feelings.

(a fragment of a FB chat with Sarah Davis)

and it was SO tight because when i did it the first time the people in the class were like, into it, but not really

but when i finally just chilled out and really started singing everyone was like "uhhhhh woah" and all smiling and whatnot

and i was like BITCH DAS RIGHT

Friday, September 10, 2010


So many secrets on this Mac. Who knew you could make those using just the keyboard?!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't test my sincerity

According to Ash I have good discipline and this year I'm putting that into practice (of course not when it comes to money, some things ARE impossible feats).

I'm completely serious about teaching myself to be fluent in Spanish. Now that I have been attempting to get jobs for the past three months and I've seen how many say "bilingual preferred", I'd have to be crazy NOT to use my time to learn how to speak it. So today we went to Borders and bought Rosetta Stone Espanol (Spain), a pocket spanish dictionary, and most importantly, a SLANG dictionary. And a lot of other books too. In english though. Including all the works of Jane Austen (yesssss).

But that's unrelated.

The other thing I plan on doing every day until I am satisfied is working out for two hours. It sounds insane but I literally have nothing better to do. The only problem I currently have is I have no tennis shoes but tonight I might try and steal my Mom's, even though they're two sizes too big, but just to see if they'll work for now.

What's nice about both of these is that Rosetta Stone comes with audio CDs you can put on iPods, so I can do these two things CONGRUENTLY! So efficient.

Anyway I have no punishment system if I don't do either of these except my own guilt and regret, which hopefully will do for now.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the agenda for tomorrow:

-Procuring tennis shoes from somewhere even though BOTH pairs of mine currently reside in Brooklyn
-Beginning my 10 day torture session and seeing what happens to your body if you do cardio for 2 hours every day
-Going to Borders to buy the books Ash told me to read, Little Bee and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
-Showering, I guess
-Buying tap shoes
-Staff meeting for Bach 2 Rock...I hope I'm getting paid for this?
-Applying for at least one Spring Internship. Holla!


First of all, let me just say that the new Sara album is out and I am currently basking in its glory. Sooooo happy right now.

Anyway, the reason for such an ethnic subject line is because I'm using this blog post to share my epic plans for next summer...Summer 2k11...Kingett TAKES OVER MADRID!

This is me, pausing for emphasis.

Anyway so I mentioned this in a few posts, but pretty much for the month of August we had a Spanish addition to our family in the form of Emilio, the son of one of Fr. Planty's friends from Madrid. And even though the first time Emilio met me it was in the morning after my father's booming voice woke me up far earlier than anticipated (for those of you who know me even at all...that's pretty much as ugly as I can ever be...and I don't mean physically, although now that I think about it that's probably true too. Never wake me up before I expected to be awake...bad. just bad)....I have somehow been invited to come stay with the familia de Manzorro next summer (as a return favor for Emilio staying here).

Um, okay.


I need to expand my list of foreign countries I've been to, considering this is currently what's on there:
Wales (is that even different from England?)

So yes. Madrid sounds good to me. The tentative plan is to go for a few weeks right after Sar's wedding, so the end of August. I'm not trying to be there at the same time as all of World Youth Day though, so maaaaaybs after that's over? We'll see. Here's what I've already done in preparation for said journey:

-Convinced my brother to send me his already illegal copy of Rosetta Stone. I am determined to learn Spanish. How good of a resume booster would that be? Bilingual in English and Spanish. Totally possible in a year, right? I guess anything is possible when you're basically unemployed...
-Practiced the proper way to open and close a fan. Emilio's mom brought me one from Madrid and apparently there is a correct way to open and close it. I am literally a pro now.
-Found things I'd want to consume in Spain. So far the winner...SANGRIA! I can survive on that, right?
-Researched Spanish fashion...according to Emilio both Zara and Manolo Blahnik hail from Spain. Goodbye all the money I plan on making this year. Sorry family, but I will not be bringing you any souvenirs. But you are welcome to admire my new shoe collection.

And that's about all I've done so far. And realistically it's all I'm going to continue to do. Let the countdown beginnnnn!