Thursday, October 21, 2010

The REAL Bucket List

As some of you avid blog readers know, starting in February of Spring Semester, I started a JMU Bucket List. It was essentially a list of things I wanted to do before I graduated/moved out of Harrisonburg. That initial list definitely grew, and I'm pretty pleased that I did over half of the things on there (didn't have a grand exit from the Mus Lib...SO SAD).

One thing Dr. Warner emphasized in his class (that I also took last Spring) was writing down goals. He said that if you write them down you're more likely to accomplish that, a philosophy that I, as an avid list maker myself, completely agree with. So I'm starting the big one. The REAL bucket list. Things I need to do before I die. It's obviously not the completed list, and in fact the list will probably never be complete because I'm sure there are things I don't know I want to do right now but will think of in the future. Some of these things are major life events. Some of them are small and simple. But they're all things I want to accomplish. So without further ado...


1. Visit South Africa
2. Work full time for Signature Theatre
3. Play Maria in West Side Story
4. Get married
5. Go to Australia
6. Go skydiving
7. Have a daughter
8. Visit every state
9. Go on an Alaska cruise
10. Fly first class
11. Eat real gelato and pizza in Italy
12. Go to Ireland
13. Drive a car in England
14. Meet JK Rowling
15. Go to Times Square for New Years
16. Plan a 25 year college reunion that all my best college friends attend
17. Go para-sailing
18. See an opera in Europe
19. Go to the Met
20. See a production of the Nutcracker
21. See a production of Swan Lake
22. Go to a Hollywood premiere
23. Write a book
24. Go to an Eagles game
25. Watch the Eagles win the Superbowl (doesn't have to be in person...although that is ideal)
26. Buy a house
27. Have a wiener dog named Tucker
28. Be the Artistic Director for a theatre or theatre company
29. Cast a major production
30. Make something go viral on the internet

Thirty is good for now. More soon.

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